21,528 Metal Maniacs Tuned in to the Live Interview with Violence System & Dark Sails Entertainment on The Zach Moonshine Show Wednesday June 26 2024, 12:24 PM
21,528 Metal Maniacs Tuned in to the Live Interview with Violence System & Dark Sails Entertainment on The Zach Moonshine Show


Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest 2024: Exclusive Interview with Violence System & Dark Sails Entertainment on The Zach Moonshine Show!

The Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest 2024 is thrilled to announce an exclusive live interview with the brutal powerhouse, Violence System, and the groundbreaking label, Dark Sails Entertainment. This interview was hosted by The Zach Moonshine Show, celebrating the release of Violence System's highly anticipated new album, 'The Frailty Of Flesh,' out soon on Dark Sails Entertainment.

In this special episode, we dive deep into the creative process behind 'The Frailty Of Flesh' and get a sneak peek into what Violence System has in store for their explosive performance at this year's fest. The show  also features fresh tracks from the band, including a killer Metallica cover, "Through The Never," and the bone-crushing track "Reborn in the Sickness."

But that's not all! The broadcast was packed with the latest releases from an array of metal titans, including The Shadows Of Ithaca, The Giant Baba, Indulgence, Cavalera Conspiracy, Casket Robbery, REZET, Truth to Power, Punishment Essay, Webb of Deceit, Skulls of Death, Ashen Horde, Goatizm, Joe Robinson, Malus Dextra, White Crone, Death Throes From A Star, Aubadetosorrow_official, Chris Maragoth, All Us In One, and Ghost.

A colossal shoutout to our friends at Nuclear Blast and Loma Vista Recordings for providing new music for the show. This epic episode is brought to you by Tennessee Metal Devastation Music Fest, Metal Devastation PR, Metal Devastation Radio, and MoonRaven Studios.

Big Thanks to Our Sponsors:
Dark Sails Entertainment, Metal Devastation Radio, Metal Devastation PR, Extreme Management Group, Inc., Exitus Stratagem Records, Black Doomba Records, The Downtown Tavern, Misfits Market EXPO, SmithodditieS, Beauty and Bees, Beards and Bees Beardcare, Enchanted Inks' Tattoo & Piercing Studio, Michigan Metal Fest, Lisa Adkins Photography & Marketing, and METAL-O-MANIA!

For more information and to stay updated, visit our website and follow us on social media. Get ready to witness the ultimate metal devastation! Grab tickets here: https://hubcityevents.com/events/tennessee-metal-devastation-music-fest-2024-10-5-2024

Track List:

Battle Of The Bands Top Three Winners:

1 - THE SHADOWS OF ITHACA - Hunt The Hunter
2 - The Giant Baba - The Northern White Sun
3 - Indulgence - Grim Times

The Zach Moonshine Intro

4 - Cavalera Conspiracy - Inquisition Symphony/Screams Behind the Shadows/Nightmares Of Delirium
5 - Casket Robbery - The Lacryphagist
6 - Rezet - Duck & Cover

Violence System - Interview featuring The Frailty Of Flesh/Through The Never - (Metallica Cover)/Reborn in the Sickness

7 - Truth To Power - Narcisepsis
8 - PUNISHMENT ESSAY - The depression session
9 - Webb Of Deceit - Hellswithin (Feat. Dave Frost & Jason Aaron Wood)/Progress Of Evil
10 - Skulls Of Death - Carnival Of Death/Flight Of Doom
11 - Ashen Horde - The Reaping

Dark Sails Entertainment Interview

12 - Goatizm - Into The Drowning Deep
13 - Joe Robinson - Heartache
14 - Malus Dextra - Feed The Beast
15 - White Crone - Prognosticator
16 - Death Throes From A Star - Ascension
17 - Aubade to Sorrow - Slowly slipping away
18 - Chris Maragoth - Bury My Remains
19 - All Us In One - Harder To Bleed
20 - Ghost - The Future Is A Foreign Land

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Super huge thanks to the 21,528 metal maniacs for tuning in to the live broadcast of the devastation!


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