Man.Machine.Industry - Eschaton I - Reckoning Day - Reviewed By! Sunday April 24 2022, 8:02 PM
Man.Machine.Industry - Eschaton I - Reckoning Day - Reviewed By!

Man.Machine.Industry - Eschaton I - Reckoning Day - Reviewed By ! Check it out here at this link:,39106.html

For more than 20 years, the Swedish jack-of-all-trades Jhonny Bergman has been running this company more or less as a solo project. The multi-instrumentalist, who has worked as a drummer for SLAPDASH, ROSICRUCIAN and CONQUEST in the past, is with MAN. MACHINE. INDUSTRY has always not only been responsible for a large part of the instruments, but has also successfully worked as a songwriter and producer.

After the first, rather mediocrely accepted, in industrial realms to be located, "J.B." was able to establish the company with the more traditional 2020 album "Doomsday Clock" very well in the music landscape, it rained without exception positive response. Any live projects for this had to be removed from the schedule for a given reason, but the Swede knew how to use the time and started an ambitious project called "Eschaton I".

This will include three EPs due for release over the next few months. "Reckoning Day" represents the first part of it, and is conceptually, as the title of the trilogy promises, characterized by a gloomy end-time theme. However, the music itself is not as dark as one might expect.

The five tracks (which are completed by an intro as well as the outro elevated to the title track) start much more where "Doomsday Clock" ended. In other words, heavy metal with an official thrash edge determines what happens at MAN. MACHINE. INDUSTRY and in addition, despite all the fierceness, you have not spared even with concise melodies.

'Information Overload', which immediately turns out to be a catchy tune, proves to be outstanding in this respect. The collaboration with ECLIPSE leader Erik Mårtensson seems to have borne fruit as well as the fact that DEMON frontman Dave Hill could be won as a guest singer. However, this should not diminish the quality of the other numbers any more than just the more than just solid vocal performance of the protagonist, whose hearty and expressive voice fits just as well to the dystopian lyrics as to the mostly razor-sharp riffs.

A neat introduction to this trilogy, hopefully to be continued soon! -

Release Date: March 25, 2022

FFO: Megadeth, Judas Priest, Machine Head

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

MAN MACHINE INDUSTRY is the solo project created by producer/songwriter/front-man J. Bergman who has a history as the drummer in SLAPDASH (Nuclear Blast rec) and ROSICRUCIAN (Black Mark Prod). With the album “DOOMSDAY CLOCK“ 2020 GMR Music) J.B raised the bar as a songwriter/producer/musician and now MMI is back with a vengeance.” ESCHATON I. Reckoning Day” is the first one out of three EP/Mini-albums in the new Man Machine Industry album-trilogy. The trilogy theme are different and takes on ”the end of the world”. Not all of the songs carries the theme but the cover art and most songs do.

The three albums will also have a guest vocalist on one song each and on ”ESCHATON I” it’s none other than the legendary Mr. Dave Hill of the NWOBHM/Progressive Rock pioneers DEMON, who does a duet with J. Bergman on the song ”Information Overload”, co-written with another talented songwriter/producer, Erik Mårtensson of ECLIPSE.

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