24 THORNS Set to Unleash Debut Album "TWISTED HOURS" - A Blistering Fusion of Metal and Rock Thursday May 16 2024, 2:12 PM
24 THORNS Set to Unleash Debut Album "TWISTED HOURS" - A Blistering Fusion of Metal and Rock

Release Date: 05/17/2024

FFO: FFDP, Atreyu, Godsmack

Location: Phoenix Arizona 


24 THORNS Set to Unleash Debut Album "TWISTED HOURS" - A Blistering Fusion of Metal and Rock

24THORNS, the new faces that have emerged from the torrid deserts of Phoenix, Arizona, are ready to hit the world of rock and metal with their first album release, "TWISTED HOURS. " Released on May 17, 2024, the album is going to deliver a crushing barrage of pounding riffs, blazing solos, and powerful 

Their musical style, in which they incorporate influences like FFDP, Atreyu, and Godsmack, is a true testimony of craftsmanship that combines the familiar and the fresh, with people who love heavy rock and metal being right at their target market. One of the most distinguished and prominent features of their creative approach is the unique concoction they have managed to come up with by their bid to combine the melody with aggression, leading to their reputation among the coolest up-and-coming hits from the Arizona music scene within the recent years. 

Formed by Jeremiah DeWitt, Storm Ulibarri, Chuck Lohrengel, Hector Camacho, and Dylan Kidner, 24 THORNS has spent years perfecting their craft through relentless gigging and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of their sound. Now, with the support of Rock Avenue Records USA, the band is ready to take their music to the next level and introduce themselves to the world with "TWISTED HOURS."

"We are elated to announce that our upcoming release is the beginning of a new chapter for 24 THORNS, where we cast out our line of unique heavy rock and metal hooks," says a representative from the group. "The band members are proud to have a dedication to their craft that is as warm as the burning Arizona sun. He has his mind to set his name into the annals of rock history." 

"TWISTED HOURS" is a sonic tempest that will leave audiences enthralled, as 24 THORNS rises to claim their place among the heavyweights of the rock and metal realm.

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