Illusion of Fate - " Portals to Kur " - Reviewed By The Heavy Metal Journal! Monday May 13 2024, 7:10 PM
Illusion of Fate - " Portals to Kur " - Reviewed By The Heavy Metal Journal!

Illusion of Fate - " Portals to Kur " - Reviewed By The Heavy Metal Journal ! Check it out below!


Illusion of Fate, Featuring Members from Casket Robbery, Unleash Highly Anticipated Album " Portals to Kur "!

Illusion of Fate, the formidable collaboration featuring members from the renowned band Casket Robbery, has announced the release of their eagerly awaited full-length album, "Portals to Kur." Embarking on a journey that transcends realms, this musical venture promises to transport listeners into a realm of unparalleled darkness and chaos.

As the skies rain down hellfire upon the masses in a spectacle never witnessed before, and the rivers run thick with blood while the ground fractures under the weight of impending doom, the prophecy of the Bloodcult rings true. The rapture is upon us, and the Portal to Kur has been opened, unveiling a reality where Visions of Sunless Skies are but the beginning of an odyssey not meant for mortal eyes.

"Portals to Kur" is a testament to the combined mastery and vision of Illusion of Fate, drawing upon the diverse talents and influences of its members to create a sonic journey that defies comprehension. From blistering riffs to haunting melodies, each track is a visceral exploration of darkness and despair, inviting listeners to confront the abyss within.

Prepare to embark on a journey unlike any other as Illusion of Fate unleashes "Portals to Kur" upon the world. The end is nigh, and the gates of oblivion stand open. Are you ready to embrace the chaos?

About Illusion of Fate:

Illusion of Fate is a groundbreaking black metal band featuring members from the acclaimed death metal band Casket Robbery. With their debut album, "Portals to Kur," they continue to push the boundaries of extreme music, crafting a harrowing sonic landscape that defies convention and challenges the listener to confront their darkest fears.

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Artwork, Design, Layout : King Morbid // Very Deadly Media

Hayden Crownover : Guitars, Composition
Bryan Bykowkski : Bass, Composition
Austin Vicars : Drums/ Drum Sound Engineering
King Morbid : Lyrics, Concept, and Vocals 

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