Rachel Bolan of Skid Row enjoys the life of a rock star, giving concerts in casinos Friday May 10 2024, 3:18 PM
Rachel Bolan of Skid Row enjoys the life of a rock star, giving concerts in casinos

Rachel Bolan, leader of the band Skid Row, has always been a symbol of the rock star life - lavish parties, world tours, unbridled passionate rock and roll. And although time spares no one, Rachel still continues to enjoy the life of a rock star, giving high-profile concerts and delighting fans with her talent.

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Skid Row: rock legends that have survived the test of time

Since their formation in 1986, Skid Row has remained one of the most influential bands of the glam metal era. In three decades, they have released five studio albums, topped the charts, and performed in the world's biggest stadiums. Despite lineup changes and musical trends, the band has remained relevant thanks to their indomitable spirit and devoted fanbase.

After the departure of vocalist Sebastian Bach in 1996, Skid Row went into the doldrums. However, in 2015, the band reunited with new lead singer Eric Grenvall. In 2019, they were joined by experienced drummer Rob Hammersmith. However, Sebastian Bach himself recently expressed his desire to reunite, so fans are holding their breath.

In 2022, Skid Row released their highly anticipated sixth studio album, The Gang's All Here. The album received positive reviews from critics who praised its energy and fidelity to the band's classic sound. In support of the release, the band played a concert in Thunder Bay and other cities across Canada.

Over their long career, Skid Row has shared the stage with some of the most legendary rock bands. They have played warm-up shows for giants such as Van Halen, Kiss, Guns N' Roses and Poison. Today, Skid Row is on tour with fellow glam metal band Buckcherry.

Skid Row's influence on rock music is undeniable. Their hits such as "18 and Life", "I Remember You" and "Youth Gone Wild" have become anthems for generations of rock fans. Powerful and juicy guitar riffs, catchy melodies, and aggressive lyrics continue to inspire new musicians.

The secret of Skid Row's longevity lies in its ability to adapt to the changing musical environment while staying true to its classic sound. They are not afraid to experiment but never lose sight of what made them so popular - great live performances, unforgettable songs, and an indomitable rock'n'roll spirit.

Skid Row conquers Western Canada and prepares for U.S. shows

After a successful string of shows in Western Canada, Skid Row is preparing to head to the U.S. to complete the current leg of their tour. On Saturday night, the band will perform at the Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.

Bassist Rachel Bolan, who recently turned 60, expressed his excitement about the band's live performances: "It's been a really, really fun experience." He noted that the audience at their shows is often a heterogeneous mix of their devoted middle-aged fans and younger people who may be experiencing Skid Row's music for the first time.

Bolan believes that Skid Row's intergenerational appeal is due to the timeless nature of their music, "I think our music resonates with people on a very fundamental level. It's filled with energy and passion that can impress people of all ages."

Following the concert in Sault Ste. Marie, Skid Row will head to the U.S. where they have shows scheduled in cities such as Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago. The band will also perform at Rock Fest in Caddott, Wisconsin, alongside rock heavyweights like Five Finger Death Punch and Shinedown. "Skid Row will perform classic hits such as "18 and Life" and "I Remember You" as well as new songs from their latest album, "The Gang's All Here." 

Skid Row remains one of the most beloved and influential bands in rock and roll. For over three decades, they have continued to captivate fans with their powerful music and indomitable spirit. Their current tour is a testament to their longevity and enduring popularity.

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