Out This Friday, Oct 19th - KARMIC LINK - Dark Metropolis! Monday October 15 2018, 8:41 PM
Out This Friday, Oct 19th - KARMIC LINK - Dark Metropolis!

Rockshots Records is proud their latest signing of dark industrial metal band Karmic Link for the release of their third album “Dark Metropolis” on October 19th, 2018. This next full length follows the band’s two previous albums “Esoterica”(2010) and debut “No Light But Rather Darkness Visible”(2008).

Karmic Link was founded by Stathis Kassios (Nightfall, ex-System Shock) whom after a period of extensive recording and live experience wanted to give birth to a surrealistic musical project. The outcome has been a dose of dark industrial coldness with Mediterranean energy along with atmospheric landscapes, progressive and instrumental madness, electro breakdowns plus hard rock pentatonic moments.

The band’s current line up features an international cast consisting of band founder Stathis Kassios (ex-keyboard player of Sweden’s System Shock and of Greece’s Nightfall), Evan Hensley (guitar, bass) (ex-Nightfall, Dark Hound), hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, USA and Sweden’s Kim “Kimbo” Gustavsson (drums, guitar) currently based in Oslo (Norway).

Stathis Kassios comments:

“Karmic Link is promoting thought provoking concepts, ideas, heretic and hermetic philosophies to explain today’s chaotic world and the Dystopian times to come in a globally connected world…Karmic Link is the bitter yet powerful sound of our personal life’s soundtrack filled with anxiety for the future ruled by technology.”

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