Noah Shark Robertson Has Something To Say About Thoughts and Prayers Saturday May 19 2018, 8:56 PM
Noah Shark Robertson Has Something To Say About Thoughts and Prayers

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You know what... I'm going to say it. My thoughts are with the victims and their families. For the naysayers and for those who don't understand... It's called a sentiment. An act of good will. And albeit a small one, it's a good one just the same. Basically it's called being a decent human being. There's a lot of negativity, violence, and horribleness that goes on in this world. Do I think "thoughts and prayers" will do anything. Do I think I'm saving anyone by saying that. No. But your ignorant, nihilistic attitude isn't helping anyone either. It's just more division, more negative. People try to talk about donating money and yadda yadda yadda, but that's bullshit. Some people literally can't do anything. Some people feel helpless and can offer nothing towards helping or finding a solution in that moment. All they can do is voice their concern. It promotes unity. It's positive. And that's what we need more of in this world. "Thoughts and prayers doesn't yield results." Try looking at it from another prospective. Perhaps that person that feels helpless, that person that can only offer their "thoughts and prayers" via a social media post... maybe there's somebody out there who CAN do something about it, that wasn't even aware of a tragedy or major event. They see that post and it raises awareness. This person saw the post and looked into it and is now aware... and it just so happens they have the means to donate tens of thousands of dollars in aid. Or they feel inspired to go on a crusade to promote change, perhaps get laws changed. It can have a butterfly effect. "Thoughts and prayers don't do anything." I hate this way of thinking. For some people, it's their belief that "thoughts and prayers" actually DOES do something, because their religion tells them it does. And they have the right to believe that. It's America after all. I'm all for comedy and making light of situations... everybody deals with things in their own way. There's a time and a place for everything. At least at that point you're offering some sort of constructive social commentary. But to just be anti to be anti... to just spread negativity for no reason. Fuck you. People mean well when they say things about positive vibes and energy and thoughts and prayers. Nobody should be made to feel bad about a positive sentiment or putting optimism into the world. A lot of you sound like the goth kids from Southpark. It's lame. Grow up and have some humanity. Some empathy. Have a heart. It's just pointless, rude, and ignorant to put down others for their well wishes and sentiments. You say it does nothing, but it does more than you know. It brings people together. It has the power to inspire action. It does more than your cowardly, juvenile boasting. Shut up.

Kind regards,
Noah "Shark" Robertson

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