Unleashing Chaos and Metal Glory: A Review of Morgue Rot's 'Just A F***ING Metal Show' Monday April 15 2024, 3:27 PM
Unleashing Chaos and Metal Glory: A Review of Morgue Rot's 'Just A F***ING Metal Show'

Morgue Rot's recent event, "Just A F***ING Metal Show," held at Growlers in Memphis, TN, was a relentless onslaught of metal mayhem and pure adrenaline. Spearheaded by John Sorrell of Morgue Rot Records and Morgue Rot Magazine, this gathering proved to be an unforgettable night for metalheads and enthusiasts alike.

Taking place on Saturday, April 13th, the lineup boasted an array of diverse acts, each delivering their own brand of sonic brutality.

Regrettably, MUDSHOW's performance was missed due to my driving around the venue trying to find a parking spot (my own fault for miscalculating travel time).

Not long after we walked in, Process of suffocation emerged with their distinctive blend of apocalyptic, Satanic, Gore, and Lovecraftian black metal, leaving an indelible mark on the crowd.

Following suit, EPOCH OF UNLIGHT brought forth a ferocious blend of blackened death thrash, captivating the audience with their relentless energy.

PantheonLr unleashed their signature sludgy death metal, while longtime friends Gravehuffer reaffirmed their reputation for kicking major ass with their relentlessly heavy performance.

The female-fronted GRAND INQUISITOR commanded attention with siren screams, crowd interaction, and a fresh take on traditional heavy metal, adding a dynamic twist to the lineup.

NIGHTSPAKE pushed the boundaries of insanity, leaving the audience in awe of their raw energy and sheer intensity.

DEATHSPIRAL OF INHERITED SUFFERING then took the stage, immersing the audience in themes of death, darkness, suffering, transcendence, and the occult, delivering an onslaught of sonic devastation.

N3PHILIM gave us a display of pure blackened technical chaos that set the tone for the oncoming satanic devastation.

LUCIFERIAN INSECTUS, a one-man black metal powerhouse, closed the show with an intense display of Satanic glory, leaving no soul untouched by their dark melodies.

The event was a resounding success, providing an opportunity for metalheads to reconnect with old friends and revel in the camaraderie of the underground scene. The atmosphere was electric, fueled by the unbridled passion of both performers and fans alike.

As the night came to a close, the echoes of metal reverberated through the venue, leaving a lasting impression on all who were fortunate enough to bear witness. With anticipation building for future events, "Just A F***ING Metal Show" has solidified its place as a cornerstone of the underground metal community, a celebration of all things heavy, loud, and unapologetically metal. All hail the underground! ,,/,,/


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