Todd Grubbs, Jamart, LEACH, and Severed Angel reviewed by Scream Magazine! Thursday April 4 2024, 6:08 PM
Todd Grubbs, Jamart, LEACH, and Severed Angel reviewed by Scream Magazine!

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A monumental shoutout to our cherished comrades at Scream Magazine for their incredible support! We are thrilled to announce that their latest issue features riveting reviews of Metal Devastation PR clients Todd Grubbs, Jamart, LEACH, and Severed Angel.

But that's not all! Brace yourselves for an electrifying cover story featuring none other than Dragonforce and My Dying Bride, ensuring this issue will fly off the shelves at warp speed!

This is your call to action: Seize the opportunity to grab a copy of Scream Magazine before they vanish into the abyss. By doing so, you not only delve into the world of metal legends but also champion the underground scene.

Join us in extending boundless gratitude to Scream Magazine for their unwavering dedication to showcasing emerging talent and iconic figures alike. Together, let's ignite the flames of support for the metal community and elevate its diverse voices to new heights!

Don't miss out—secure your copy now and let's amplify the roar of the underground together!

Metal Devastation PR Team

Grab a copy here at this link:

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