Press Release: W't'M Unleashes Powerful Single "Cold has Come" featuring Michael Bastholm Dahl Thursday March 28 2024, 6:32 PM
Press Release: W't'M Unleashes Powerful Single "Cold has Come" featuring Michael Bastholm Dahl

Release Date: 27.3.24

FFO: Halestorm, Ghost, Within Temptation, Pretty Maids, Dream Theater (light 😂) and a bit Toto.

Location: Denmark


W't'M Unleashes Powerful Single "Cold has Come" featuring Michael Bastholm Dahl

Brace yourselves as W't'M, the rising force in Danish Heavy Metal, unleashes their latest single "Cold has Come" today. This hard-hitting track marks a significant milestone for the band, featuring the powerhouse vocals of Michael Bastholm Dahl, known for his electrifying performances with thrash metal veterans Artillery.

Originally emerging from the core of the Danish Metal Cross, W't'M has been making waves with their high-energy singles like "Sorry," "Moments of Light," and "A Symphony of Brilliance." With captivating melodic vocals by Italian singer Marica Moire, their music has garnered airplay in over 30 countries, solidifying their presence on the international metal scene.

"Cold has Come" is a remake of the 2011 Danish-language song "Kold og Bitter," featuring Per Johansson (Ex-Fate) on vocals. In this English-language rendition, Michael Bastholm Dahl showcases his vocal prowess, reaffirming his status as a rock icon. Produced by Andreas Linnemann, known for his work with BAEST and Metal Cross, the track delivers a powerful demonstration of rock vocals that leave no doubt about Dahl's commanding presence.

But W't'M isn't stopping there. With momentum on their side, they're gearing up to release three more tracks, including "For the Sake of It All," featuring Michael Bastholm Dahl as a lyricist and vocalist. This fast-paced rocker promises to evoke echoes of classic bands like Deep Purple and Pretty Maids.

Following suit, "Eternal Echoes," sung by the captivating Carmen Grandi, offers a sharp contrast to Dahl's raw vocals, blending W't'M's hard and soft characteristics in a haunting tale of communication with the beyond. And returning to the fold, Marica Moire lends her mesmerizing vocals to "There Is Only One," a tribute to the progressive rock of the 1970s fused with W't'M's signature contemporary sound.

With an exciting mix of talent and energy, W't'M is poised to shake the Danish metal scene to its core. Keep an eye on this dynamic group as they continue to deliver music that promises to leave a lasting impact.

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