Press Release: Mass Punishment Presents "Godless America" (Official Music Video) Tuesday March 26 2024, 4:35 PM
Press Release: Mass Punishment Presents  "Godless America" (Official Music Video)

Extreme metal force Mass Punishment proudly unveils their official music video for the powerful track "Godless America," extracted from their highly anticipated album "Proving Grounds, Vol.1," set to be unleashed via Wormholedeath.

Check out the lyric video:

This song is a visceral reaction to the nightmare of chaos and division that has gripped the United States to its very core. From the harrowing events of September 11, 2001, and the subsequent wars, to the tumultuous lockdowns, protests, and riots, compounded by economic turmoil and faltering leadership, all exacerbated by a corrupt government teetering on the edge of civil unrest. Directed by the band's vocalist, Erick Laurino, this marks their second music video endeavor. Expertly blending visually striking scenes of real-life events with a compelling performance by band members Erick Laurino and Christopher Milos, this production is guaranteed to mesmerize viewers and ignite a call for change.

Mass Punishment is a 4 piece Metalcore/Extreme Metal band based out of New Jersey music designed to inform as well as hit as hard as the facts and events the songs are written about. Current events on a social, political, environmental, and economic scale. Of government corruption and depopulation with a population facing death by design.

A unique fusion of influences from iconic bands like Pantera, Slayer, Fear Factory, Megadeth, Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Korn, Misery Signals, Emmure, Slipknot, Rush, and Soulfly, Mass Punishment delivers a sound that is both powerful and evocative.


Mass Punishment is:

Erick Laurino (Vocals)
Christopher Milos (Guitars)
Scott Ferguson (Bass)
Brian Donat (Drums)

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