Press Release: Black Altar Embraces Live Gigs After 25 Years, Faces Major Challenges Ahead Friday March 22 2024, 3:07 PM
Press Release: Black Altar Embraces Live Gigs After 25 Years, Faces Major Challenges Ahead


Black Altar Embraces Live Gigs After 25 Years, Faces Major Challenges Ahead

After a quarter-century of declining performance offers, Black Altar has made a significant shift by embracing live gigs. Their first-ever performance occurred last year at the intimate international festival "Darkness over Cumbria" near the Scottish border in England, where they co-headlined, marking a new chapter for the band.

Now, Black Altar is set to face even more significant challenges as they embark on a whirlwind tour of performances across the globe. First up is their appearance at the major German festival "Braincrasher In Hell" this weekend, followed closely by the "Necromantic Rites" tour across South America with the Swedish band Ofermod in just 10 days. Notably, Shadow, a key figure in Ofermod, has integrated the entire Black Altar lineup into the project, including Les from Hell-Born and a former Behemoth member, as live musicians, adding a new dimension to their performances. The studio lineup is renowned for its association with the Marduk camp.

Following their South American tour in May, Black Altar is scheduled to headline two shows in Portugal alongside Ofermod and Corpus Christii. Shortly after, they will grace the stage at Finland's Steelfest, followed by appearances at the "Under the Black Sun" festival near Berlin and "Forest Fest" in Switzerland. The band's busy schedule continues with a concert in Athens in November and a headlining slot at the three-day "Eradication" festival in Cardiff. Furthermore, a series of concerts with Acherontas and Inferno are in the plans.

Fans eager to catch a glimpse of Black Altar's electrifying live performances can do so through amateur footage available online, offering a taste of the raw energy and intensity the band brings to the stage.

As Black Altar continues to break new ground and conquer stages around the world, the future looks brighter than ever for this legendary metal act.


About Black Altar:
Black Altar is a legendary metal act known for their uncompromising sound and electrifying performances. After 25 years of declining performance offers, the band has embraced live gigs with newfound vigor, embarking on a global tour that promises to captivate audiences worldwide. With a lineup featuring members from esteemed bands such as Marduk, Behemoth, and Hell-Born, Black Altar continues to push the boundaries of the genre, solidifying their status as one of metal's most formidable forces.

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