Inherently Lost - Unraveling Sanity - Reviewed By legacy Magazine! Sunday February 25 2024, 4:40 PM
Inherently Lost - Unraveling Sanity - Reviewed By legacy Magazine!

Super Huge Congrats to Metal Devastation PR Clients 'Inherently Lost' for Featured Review in German Magazine " Legacy " Issue #149 and Covermount CD Feature! Check it out here at this link:


Metal Devastation PR is thrilled to announce a momentous achievement for one of its esteemed clients, 'Inherently Lost.' The band has garnered significant recognition with a featured review in the esteemed German magazine "Legacy" Issue #149. Not only that, but their single "Unraveling Sanity" has been selected for inclusion on the covermount CD, amplifying their reach to a broader audience.

"Inherently Lost" has been making waves in the metal scene with their distinctive sound and powerful lyrics. Their latest single, "Unraveling Sanity," encapsulates the raw energy and profound emotion that the band is known for. Being featured on the covermount CD of "Legacy" is a testament to the band's growing influence and talent.

Metal Devastation PR is dedicated to supporting and promoting emerging talents in the metal genre, and the success of 'Inherently Lost' is a testament to the effectiveness of their efforts. This achievement underscores the band's commitment to their craft and their ability to captivate audiences worldwide.

As 'Inherently Lost' continues to gain momentum, Metal Devastation PR remains committed to amplifying their presence and ensuring their music reaches a global audience.

Release Date: 2/2/23

FFO: Lacuna Coil, Fear Factory, Cradle of Filth

Location: Youngstown, Ohio

The story of Inherently Lost begins as a side project somewhere around 2017-2018. Bringing together musicians not only with different influences but allowing the individual influences to be heard in the music. Ranging from symphonic metal, industrial, melodic death metal, black metal, doom, nu-metal, alternative, rock, hardcore, progressive metal, and everything in between.

Inherently Lost takes the listener on a journey of apocalyptic visions as well as some dark personal truths of mental health and life experiences.

March 17th, 2020, just as the world’s governments started shutting down our economy, Inherently Lost released their debut Ep titled Our Last Midnight; with the title track lyrically on par with a man-made virus taking over the world. 

Inherently Lost has been featured in the March 2020 issue #126 of the German metal magazine Legacy, accompanied with the song Senseless Sacrifice on the compilation disc. Followed with a review on the Metal Hammer Portugal Subsolo #20 disc featuring the song Carnage of Your Sins. Inherently Lost also made an appearance on Issue #096 summer 2020 of the U.K. Zero Tolerance magazine and compilation disc.

Fast forward past the epidemic February, 2023 Inherently Lost released their new single titled Unraveling Sanity and Thursday November 9th their Motley Crue cover Red Hot, with the full-length album Art of Corruption to follow via Entwined Recordings.

Saturday December 2nd Unraveling Sanity was featured on the 2 Hours To Midnight radio show(Cleveland, OH) 100.7 wmms The Buzzard with Alan Cox.

In a world filled with endless consumption, it is not hard to imagine why we are all Inherently Lost.

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