Press Release: Crush the Core Unveils "Synthetic Happiness" - A Tribute to Eric Carr! Wednesday February 21 2024, 11:57 AM
Press Release: Crush the Core Unveils "Synthetic Happiness" - A Tribute to Eric Carr!

New Promo: Crush the Core - Synthetic Happiness - (Heavy Metal - Hard Rock)

Release Date: March 06, 2024

FFO: Sabbath, Black Label Society, Metallica

Location: Trois-Rivières (Qc) Canada


Crush the Core Unveils "Synthetic Happiness" - A Tribute to Eric Carr!

Crush the Core, the rising force in the heavy metal scene, is proud to announce the release of their latest single, "Synthetic Happiness." This thunderous anthem pays homage to the late KISS drummer Eric Carr, delivering a raw energy reminiscent of Carr's iconic style. The track serves as a nod to the legendary band's 1982 album "Creatures of the Night," specifically drawing inspiration from the electrifying title track and its memorable live performances during the subsequent tour.

"Synthetic Happiness" opens with a thunderous drum intro, echoing the spirit of Eric Carr's unforgettable contributions to rock music. As the song progresses, listeners are taken on an intense journey into the gritty reality of chasing artificial highs. Through poignant lyrics, Crush the Core explores themes of addiction and mental illness, offering a raw and unfiltered perspective that resonates deeply with audiences.

With its modern twist on classic heavy metal, "Synthetic Happiness" plunges listeners into the chaotic world of the protagonist's fractured mind. The track's dynamic instrumentation and powerful vocals leave listeners craving more, showcasing Crush the Core's undeniable talent and dedication to their craft.

"We wanted to pay tribute to Eric Carr while also addressing important themes that many people face in their daily lives," said the members of Crush the Core. "With 'Synthetic Happiness,' we aimed to capture the raw energy of classic heavy metal while delivering a message that resonates with listeners on a personal level."

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