Forged In Black release Unplugged At Hammerfest X - Live Official Bootleg Sunday December 6 2020, 12:34 PM
Forged In Black release Unplugged At Hammerfest X - Live Official Bootleg

On Friday March 16th 2018 Forged In Black arrived at Hafan y Moor Holiday Park, Pwllheli, North Wales for Hammerfest X and unleashed a set of storming heavy metal on the masses. Ever Metal were in attendance to witness their performance and summed it up in these words...

"Forged In Black were absolutely superb and gave us an extremely tight display of great, hard hitting, old school metal, laced with lovely guitar work, excellent vocals and fabulous stage presence."

Forged In Black celebrated a job well done that night, but for them the Hammerfest X experience was not over. The following day they were invited to play an acoustic set for a gathering of media, music industry people and various VIPs. The band had never performed 'unplugged' before, but they accepted the challenge without hesitation. Their acoustic set was every bit as exciting as the full power performance the night before, just with a completely different, more intimate atmosphere.

The band had consigned that night to their treasure trove of personal memories, but as 2020 drew to a close they were looking for something they could give to their fans, a Xmas gift at the end of a tough year for everybody. The rough tapes of that special show in North Wales were exhumed, guitarist Chris Bone performed a little mixing magic on them and Hammerfest X Unplugged (Official Live Bootleg) was born. Available now from the Forged In Black bandcamp page as a 'pay what you want' digital download, the band hope this release will transport fans back to happier times.

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