Sea of Consciousness - Goes Viral On TikTok With Over 40k! Tuesday January 30 2024, 2:54 PM
Sea of Consciousness - Goes Viral On TikTok With Over 40k!

Sea of Consciousness - Goes Viral On TikTok With Over 40k ! Check it out here


Release Date: 01-12-2024

FFO: Arch Enemy - Dissection - Opeth

Location: Leiden, the Netherlands

We are thrilled to introduce Sea of Consciousness, a progressive metal band that was formed by guitarist Daniel Sirotski and drummer Istvn Timmermans on the brink of the Covid-crisis in 2019. After the break-up of their previous band 'Inferus Dei', they embarked on a long journey to write an original stage concept, a comprehensive album and a musical concept that reflected life's struggles based on Daniel Sirotski's experiences. The musical influences of Sea of Consciousness are diverse and stretch over a long list of different genres, but the core is a progressive composition that draws mostly from atmospheric black and technical death metal bands. After multiple line-up changes, the band finally found Bionda Honings vocals in 2022, Jeroen Koorn bass and Stefan Gerritsen lead guitar in 2023, and recorded their debut album in August of the same year. We are excited to announce that their album was released on January 12th, 2024. Make sure to check out Sea of Consciousness for a unique and captivating musical experience.

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