ANTIBIOTICA - Wins Battle Of The Bands Last Week On MDR! Tuesday November 14 2023, 3:28 PM
ANTIBIOTICA - Wins Battle Of The Bands Last Week On MDR!

ANTIBIOTICA - Wins Battle Of The Bands Last Week On MDR! Coming in with a devastating 9,148 votes!

ANTIBIOTICA is a Swedish Thrash/Heavy Metal band that was formed by Jack Hagström and Hugo Bengtsson in february 2023. A short time later, the drummer Martin was found and they could start laying the foundations for the first self-written songs. Martin also recommended bringing in his cousin Kasper on bass, which worked out great. 

With this line-up they started planning their first recording. It was decided that it would be a two track single including title track "The Butcher Of The Soul" and ”Deceiver". Two songs that reflect well what ANTIBIOTICA is about, a hybrid of Thrash and Heavy Metal. Influences are taken from everything like KREATOR, TESTAMENT and SODOM to IRON MAIDEN, ANGEL WITCH and JUDAS PRIEST. The list could be made long. 

In October 2023 they entered the studio to record their two-song single debut with Henrik Borg (SATUREYE, 100 YEARS, TPFDT etc.) as recording, mixing and mastering guy. They decided early on to do the recording without clicks, just to get that old feeling of energy and a genuine vibe. 

The single is self-released and is so far only available digitally on all major streaming platforms. But if a record company with interest is found, it will also be released on vinyl. Of course, there is also a search for a good record company to sign for a full-length album.

Clubs and festivals are more than welcome to get in touch if you want to book ANTIBIOTICA.


ANTIBIOTICA line-up: (Left to right in the photo)

Jack Hagström - Lead Guitars / Backing Vocals

Hugo Bengtsson - Rythm Guitars / Vocals

Martin Palmgren - Drums / Backing Vocals

Kasper Andersson - Bass / Backing Vocals

Release date: November 3 - 2023


1. The Butcher Of The Soul

2. Deceiver 

Some direct links:




Also available on all other major streaming platforms.


Social media links:

Instagram:  https://instagram. com/_antibiotica_

Facebook: Antibioticasweden/

Credits: Logo by Tim Nederstham. Cover artwork by Harriz Zullian. Band photo by Uffe Sandin.

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