Check Out This Weeks Battle Of The Bands Winner "Devil In The Mist" Friday August 17 2018, 5:23 PM
Check Out This Weeks Battle Of The Bands Winner "Devil In The Mist"

Winning by a whopping 6,522 fucking votes this week in the Battle Of The Bands!

Katy Reign met Gia back in 2007 in a previous lineup. She would take trips to Boston coming from her home town in Rhode Island to record and make music. It wasn't til 2017 that Katy and Gia decided to reform after a long road of different directions. Katy had pursued several other bands and projects as well as some solo projects which you can find under Katy Reign on Youtube, Gia began her solo act with instrumentals such as The Chase and Interwoven, which made quite the hit on her YouTube Channel. But here they are today, back at it as a team. Their latest release called Severed Ties certainly won't be the last one, upcoming they will be releasing a song called "Somewhere", and many more to come... They are now known as Devil In The Mist.


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B I G x M I K E x D E U C E S
The Throwdown NOICE! these chick kick so much ass!
6 years ago
GIA G Thank you so much Mikey :)
6 years ago