Blue Dawn - Reflections From An Unseen World - Reviewed By italiadimetallo! Wednesday September 13 2023, 3:40 PM
Blue Dawn - Reflections From An Unseen World - Reviewed By italiadimetallo!

Blue Dawn - Reflections From An Unseen World - Reviewed By italiadimetallo ! Check it out here at this link:

Writing a review is never easy. Especially when it comes to bands that, year after year and with great humility, have built musical pieces that have led them to receive great appreciation. When it comes to Black Widow Records releases, the artistic/musical quality never fails and the historic Genoese label, once again, offers us a very interesting album full of profound facets ranging from dark metal to dark progressive. 

Blue Dawn are a highly esteemed and appreciated band and, with their new album entitled “ Reflections from an Unseen World ” they are preparing to share their great musical maturity. 

“ Hostage of Grudge ” is a great impactful song that comes to life from gothic piano arpeggios that lead the way to aggressive, powerful riffs that taste like Paradise Lost . Even the alternation between female and male vocals is reminiscent of the best gothic metal of the early 90s. The atmosphere of the song is made even more tense by the remarkable guitar solo which combines technique and melody with great inspiration. The choruses are notable in their melodic impact. Great song!

“ Praise of Folly ” is a composition that takes inspiration from doom but also from the dark/doom metal of the early The Gathering , in fact the sounds and guitar riffs seem to take inspiration from the cornerstone of the genre: “ Mandylion ”. Interesting song full of progressive metal nuances. “ Damage Done ” is a powerful and very direct song that is very reminiscent of Death SS. The guitar riffs are hard so the vocal lines, both male and female, can be disturbing. The rhythm section plays a great role because, within the composition, there are various tempo changes which are enriched by macabre keyboards and a guitar solo that completely shocks the listener. One of the best songs on the album   

After the disturbing “ From Hell ” the metallic and fast “ A Blue Monster in my heart ”. A title that says it all! The band's dark metal streak, with great pleasure, increasingly comes to the surface. Ours give us great doom/heavy metal notes of great inspiration! The work of the drummer is noteworthy as he knows how to be tough in the angry moments and delicate during the more atmospheric moments. Worth noting is the great work of the keyboards which allow the guitars to create very successful harmonizations. Great instrumental piece.

The cover of the immense Black Sabbath is fantastic : “ Who are You ”. Singer not only demonstrates great skill and talent in knowing how to interpret a historic song of world rock but also great personality. Keyboards are really dark and gloomy!! Congratulations to Blue Dawn ! After the intense and Sabbathian “ Shades ” (very reminiscent of Black Sabbath from Eternal Idol ) the excellent dark metal with psychedelic hues of “ Sea of ​​Glass ”. The guitar riffs owe a lot to the great Tony Iommiand the vocalist's vocal lines seem to come out of past dimensions. 4 minutes of great musical depth that remain impressed with great ease and grip.

At the conclusion of this excellent return, the energetic “ Colorful ”. The atmosphere is full of details and great arpeggios that take place accompanied by a beautiful sax and beautiful and elegant singing. The composition is very varied and goes from prog and psychedelic atmospheres to notable doom metal incursions. Excellent album that will give intense and dark chills to lovers of dark and gothic metal. Well done Blue Dawn ! italiadimetallo  

Release Date: March 31st, 2023

FFO: The Devils Blood, Abysmal Grief, Blood Ceremony

Location: Genoa, Italy

BLUEDAWN was conceived in the early 2009 by Enrico (bass guitar) and Andrea (Drums) joined shortly after by Monica (vocals) and Paolo (guitar). Gifted with far different musical feelings, they try to create a single musical flavor starting from 70's English hard rock and dark sound through modern rock and metal. After a year of rehearsals, the band entered Nadir Studios, assisted by Tommy Talamanca and the final product was ready at the end of 2010, showcasing a varied musical effort, with gothic/doom metal sounds and progressive song structures. The album has been released by Black Widow records worldwide in late February 2011. In November 2012 the band did a successful UK tour. In the beginning of the new year Cruschelli had to relocate in another part of the country, forcing the band to hire a new guitar player, experienced musician Luigi Milanese. In march the band will enter Nadir studios to record their second album, to be released in December. The new album, titled Cycle of pain, has been released on Black Widow Records in December 2012. After helping the band to arrange, produce and record the new songs, Milanese decides to movie to America, Blue Dawn have now recruited new, permanent guitar player Andrea "Marty" Martino,. In late 2016 a new album, "Edge of chaos" was recorded and came out in the spring of 2017 on BWR. A second guitar player who plays also keyboards, has been added in the line up and debuted live with the band in July 2017 at Genoa's PortolIve MetalFest, supporting Arcturus, Sadist and Mortuary Drape.

In 2018 Blue Dawn released the track “Zombie” on the tribute album “Terro tales – a tribute to Death SS ”.

During 2021 the band the song “Astronomy” for the Blue Oyster Cult tribute album “The dark side of the Cult”, released in the spring of 2022.

In April 2023 the band release their 4th album entitled “Reflections from an unseen world” on cd and limited edition vinyl through BWR. The album has 9 tracks, including a cover of Black Sabbath classic “Who are you”.

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