Dyspläcer - Temple Heights - Reviewed By cultmetalflix! Wednesday September 13 2023, 3:09 PM
Dyspläcer - Temple Heights - Reviewed By cultmetalflix!

Dyspläcer - Temple Heights - Reviewed By cultmetalflix ! Check it out here at this link: https://cultmetalflix.wordpress.com/2023/07/28/the-art-behind-the-madness-2/

Boy, am I going to have fun with this entry!
Cheese, cheese and more dripping melty dairy product. Is it me, or can anyone else lust off the names of at least three movies from which this image has been cobbled?
Beastmaster, Bloodsport and a cult Grizzly on the rampage flick released a few years prior. Though let us not forget the Eric Van Lustbader nod (for those not in the ‘know’, he’s scribbled many a martial arts themed tome and, without resorting to scouring the depths of Wikipedia, he probably still does so). So what gives? What are we the listener to expect, given such a blatant example of nostalgic image ripofferry. Fug it. I’m intrigued. I need a spotter to ensure the length of rope tied to my torso is in perfevt working order. I may need to be plucked out post haste to maintsin my sanity. Here goes nothing.
A Few Words on the Audio

Running an hour in length (yes a full sixty minutes) is more than enough to soften up even the most determined “I’m going to hate this…I just know it” listener. However (wait for it) this isn’t actually that bad. Rhythms harken back to the glory days of HM (classic Maiden obviously comes to mind) and the provided melodies are solid enough to incite movement. But (I state the following as one who avoids falsetto throat antics) the vocals are undeniably those representing the variety one would likely predict (given the genre description and cover art). Whilst slowly reaching the albums conclusion I can’t help but reflect upon the earliest of Maiden era, with Di’anno (rather than Bruce) and wonder how it might all gave turned out if they’d have adopted an Eastern theme, or more specifically Kung Fu, much like these folks have chosen to. Getting back on track however, the album isn’t surprising horrid. Yes, it’s baked in cheese (which probably isn’t wholly intentional) it could do with a little spit and polish (“wax on, wax off”) but it carries with it an odd allure and although this isn’t the (early) 80’s I can well imagine this garnering a substantial fanbase, chief among them veterans who can likely list off a plethora of lesser known NWOBMH acts, given half the chance.

76 cultmetalflix  

Release Date: April 20th, 2023

FFO: Iron Maiden, Enforcer, Tokyo Blade

Location: Rochester, NY 

 Dyspläcer seeks to reinvent heavy metal with a new edge, high intensity performances and a unique sound that cuts like a katana. “Trained in the Kung Fu halls of Temple Heights, Dyspläcer brings their epic tales to the masses with their signature New Wave of Traditional Kung Fu with a Samurai Edge, with a hint of Ninja Slop, Saki Infused Rock n Roll, Heavy Metal sound.”

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