Check Out This Weeks Battle Of The Bands Winner "Millennium" Friday August 10 2018, 5:24 PM
Check Out This Weeks Battle Of The Bands Winner "Millennium"

Congrats to the band Millennium for winning this weeks Battle Of The Bands Challenge with 147 votes!

MILLENNIUM was formed in 1982 by Mark Duffy (vocals) and Pete McArdle (guitar). They recruited Steve Mennell (drums) Dave Price (bass) and Dave Merrington (guitar). The band recorded their first demo in July 1982 at Guardian Studios the demo contained two songs Magic Mirror and I'm on Fire. Later that year they went on to record a second demo again at Guardian studios the band recorded three songs Steal your Heart, Rock was meant for me and Nightmare (which later became The Devil Rides Out). In 1983 Guardian records released a compilation album featuring Millennium, Spartan Warrior, Tokyo Rose, Risk and Incubus. The album contained three Millennium demo tracks Magic Mirror, Steal Your Heart and Rock was meant for me. In July 1983 Millennium started recording their debut album again at Guardian Studios. The band released their debut album in 1984 on the Guardian Record label to much critical acclaim. Unfortunately Dave Merrington decided to leave the band. Millennium soon recruited local guitarist Mike Muskett a former member of the band Skitzofrenik . The band recorded a number of demos between 1985 - 1988 and disbanded in June 1988. Vocalist Mark Duffy went on to join Thrash Metallers TORANAGA releasing albums through Peaceville records and Chrysalis records. In 2014 No Remorse Records re released Millennium's debut album followed by a second album released in 2016 titled "Caught in a Warzone" this album was made up from recordings the band made throughout 1985.

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