DespiseD - Scortched Earth - Reviewed By metal-division-magazine! Tuesday May 9 2023, 6:58 PM
DespiseD - Scortched Earth - Reviewed By metal-division-magazine!

DespiseD - Scortched Earth - Reviewed By metal-division-magazine ! Check it out here at this link:

Deadly, precise and well thought out, the riffs pierce your ear canal. On "Scortched Earth" DESPISED offer great grooves ("Chernobyl burns") or neck-breaking blasts ("Against your lies") with the right sense for an ingenious varied mix that never seems disjointed or overloaded. On the contrary: the fantastically clean interplay of the murderously experienced instrumentalists and the dangerous-sounding singer remains at a consistently high level. From violent, three-minute flak salvos à la "Torn to shreds" to orgies of beatings like "If you want peace, prepare for war", everything is there that the discerning metal heart thirsts for. Conclusion: A versatile, atmospheric and cleanly produced record. metal-division-magazine

Release Date: 13. February 2023

FFO: Brujeria, Terrorizer, Misery Index

Location: Brazil

Short Bio: DespiseD is a duo band created during the covid-19 pandemic in mogi guaçu/SP by Alex Roque (Disorder Of Rage, Blood Trail, Oligarquia) who invited Rodolfo Carrega (Clawn, ex-3rd World Collapse) to take over the vocals with the intention of spreading the heavy and raw Death/Grind influenced by Terrorizer, Nasum, Born to Murder the World, Napalm Death, Lock Up, Repulsion, Defecation and others. DespiseD is Death/Grind from the 3rd World, brutal music against nazi/facist scum.

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