Selfgod - Born Of Death - Reviewed by cultmetalflix! Thursday April 13 2023, 5:37 PM
Selfgod - Born Of Death - Reviewed by cultmetalflix!

Selfgod - Born Of Death - Reviewed by cultmetalflix ! Check it out here at this link:

Sometimes simplicity getting to the point is king. Such is the case here. For the most part ‘meat and potatoes’ in style, the audio on offer here should please fans of straight forward DM delivered via stabbing riffs and a great deal of chuggery. However, that isn’t all that’s on offer here, other points of interest include a production which allows all instruments to be heard in the mix, a touch of D-beat, a splash of punk, a blanket of dirge, blistering blackened speed passages, and an overall no nonsense approach thankfully devoid of both ‘too-long-for-their-own-good’ introductions and instances of progressive wankery. While this isn’t going to reinvent the wheel, the genre, it does all it sets out to do, which is obliterate the vertebrae and mess up those fantastical hairdo’s. Prepare to bang the noggin like one possessed! cultmetalflix

Release Date: 2/24/22

FFO: Behemoth, Belphegor, Hate

Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Short Bio: Selfgod is a new black/Death band fronted by Ex Necrophagia, Ex Automb guitarist Serge Streltsov. The band released a debut album in the winter of 2022 which features Scotty Fuller of Morbid Angel on drums. 

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