Thaumaturgy - Tenebrous Oblations - Reviewed By metallerium! Thursday March 9 2023, 5:23 PM
Thaumaturgy - Tenebrous Oblations - Reviewed By metallerium!

Thaumaturgy - Tenebrous Oblations - Reviewed By metallerium ! Check it out here at this link:

The new inclinations within Death Metal and Black Metal , is to make everything dark and opaque, adding a lot of rawness to their music and many times even doing it without that parameter of verse, chorus, verse; but only music that evokes evil and is sometimes supported by dissonant ideas of short moments. So, within this new pattern of reviving that 90s sound, we have the first album by the Americans from Thaumaturgy called “ Tenebrous Oblations” . A record that follows that dark and powerful inclination of recent years within this mixture of styles. Will it be a remarkable material in the world?... Well, let's see. 

Since everything starts with “ Carrion Depths ” and ends with “ Withered Flesh Effigy ”, everything is known and inclined towards that dark area of ​​Death Metal and with many Black Metal riffs in between. There is nothing otherworldly in their music, but within that concept the musical mass is striking for following that heavy and ultra-deep tradition within extreme music. Where the sound of the drums, although it is programmed, is well taken care of so that it has that disastrous and extreme effect on the music, creating a heavy and dense atmosphere with hard riffs and full of a lot of evil. Then the voice at a general level is flat, but from time to time and with the help of studio production, there are moments like in “ Rites of Uncreation” where the prolonged growling sounds like a monster rising from the depths to devour whatever comes its way. 

Thaumaturgy 's “ Tenebrous Oblations” without bringing something new under the table, the dark and heavy idea gives a striking aspect to their music that makes you turn your eyes sometimes. From what it can be said that it is going on the right track, let's see how they go further. - metallerium

Release Date: January 20th, 2023

FFO: Incantation, Kosmokrator, Fossilization

Location: Kansas, United States

Short Bio: Thaumaturgy is a one man cavernous death metal project formed in the winter of 2021. Thaumaturgy aims to create an unsettling and occult atmosphere through crushing riffs, warped melodies, and dissonance out of which emerges a sense of unrelenting doom. 

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