IN THE ACT OF VIOLENCE - "Parasitic Populace" - Reviewed By lackoflies! Thursday March 9 2023, 5:15 PM
 IN THE ACT OF VIOLENCE - "Parasitic Populace" - Reviewed By lackoflies!

 IN THE ACT OF VIOLENCE - "Parasitic Populace" - Reviewed By lackoflies ! Check it out here at this link:

You can't know everything... but you should, in the case of the extreme metal combo IN THE ACT OF VIOLENCE, founded in 2006, be from the extensive Toronto area! Especially if you like a successful symbiosis of straight, brutal slamming Deathcore, which is also blessed with a merciless pool of inventiveness. The splatter sound of the Canadian Quadriga seldom breaks the sound barrier, but mostly blows it out heartily and rapidly. The infernal wrecking ball ITAOV pulls a rough style on deck and manages almost entirely without electronic gimmicks. Only for one or the other input sample, a small, painless 8-bit sound intro on "Devil's Advocate" and a few pleasant piano sound layers on the final agony "Worldwide Vendetta",


The 38:10 minutes "Parasitic Populace", which relentlessly bangs in the face, heralds the tenth round of the North American extreme metal weirdos. With the new, schizophrenic micro-membrane killer Jamie Crews at the forefront, pure fucking Deathcore is now really getting into the act. Jamie eats his way through all the parasitic Deathcore vokill styles from screaming to pigsquealing, grunting, panting, gasping, raging, shrieking, growling, grumbeling, to the coarse roaring with ease and exercises them to the extreme. 

In addition, there are the barbarically meaty riff salvos that Zach Leggotts tickles out of his guitar, Conrad Thompson's skull-cracking, low-frequency chattering four-stringer, as well as the rough poly- and cross-rhythms of whipping boy Kenny Coulls, which ultimately captivate every Brutal Deathcore disciple and immediately pull them with them tear into the abyss. Jamie's powerfully implemented and multi-faceted interpreted vocal styles, which here and there leave a freezer burn, fit IN THE ACT OF VIOLENCE's Extraordinary Deathcore style like a sneaky uppercut directly under the chin and give the nine bone breakers a merciless spice.  


The brutal gravedigger dynamics of the Canadian Hellraisers are also supported by interesting changes in style, which contain short, classic parts or sometimes get rock'n'roll, as well as the crude, slightly creaky production. IN THE ACT OF VIOLENCE play with their arrangements and productions as if there were nothing easier in this world. Ok, if you have ten albums under your belt by now, it should just flow like that. Thompson's omnipresent woofer pumps enormous pressure into ITAOV's deathcore primordial soup, which, with their hopeless babble of voices, the brutally disharmonious guitar excesses and the constant changes within the music, deal the ultimate deathblow to unsuccessfully arising boredom. The 38:10 minute raging, menacingly wild battle "Parasitic Populace" can therefore be classified as absolutely suitable for moshpits. You should see for yourself below, in yesterday's visualizer video for "Worldwide Vendetta", my second fave of the album.


*Mass murderer music lackoflies

Release Date: March 10th, 2023

FFO: Lorna Shore, Vulvodynia, To The Grave

Location: Toronto, ON CANADA

Short Bio: In The Act Of Violence are a 4-piece Canadian brutal slamming deathcore band formed in the Greater Toronto Area in 2006. The band has undergone several key lineup changes over the years; always evolving but never forgetting their roots in death metal, slam and hardcore. The band have toured and shared the stage with many of the most influential acts in the metal community like Waking the Cadaver, Coal Chamber, After The Burial, Hunt The Dinosaur, Shadow Of Intent, among many others. The band will soon be releasing their tenth record, "Parasitic Populace", which will be the first to feature the vicious and scathing vocal stylings of new frontman, Jaime Crews. In 2023, the band are showing no signs of slowing down and are looking to the future with plans of releasing more music and playing more live shows.

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In The Act Of Violence is:
Jaime Crews: Vocals
Kenny Coull: Drums
Zach Leggott: Guitars
Conrad Thompson: Bass

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