BLACK SPACE RIDERS Release Official Video for "Leaves of Life (Falling Down)" Friday July 20 2018, 9:50 AM
BLACK SPACE RIDERS Release Official Video for "Leaves of Life (Falling Down)"

German Riffonauts BLACK SPACE RIDERS have released the official video for "Leaves of Life (Falling Down)," a track from forthcoming album Amoretum Vol. 2. Revel in it at the following link:

Although the dust has barely settled from the January 2018 release of Amoretum Vol. 1, BLACK SPACE RIDERS are set to return with its follow-up, Amoretum Vol. 2. Hard, fast heavy rockers morph into new wave indie sounds and even postpunk loses its "post." Psychedelic triphop meets dub reggae roots and then ends in a loud rush of psychedelic riffs. This wild 14-track ride is scheduled to be released on July 27.

Pre-order Amoretum Vol. 2 on double vinyl (w/ CD), digisleeve CD and digital formats:

The official music video for the album's first single "Lovelovelovelovelovelovelovelove Love (Break the Pattern Of Fear)" is now playing at The second single, "Ch Ch Ch Ch Pt. II (Living In My Dream)," can be streamed at this location.

"A masterful work of art that truly shows the talent behind this one of a kind act."
- Head-Banger Reviews

"The most bombastic bitchin' boss level album, 'Amoretum Vol. 2.' It's sixty-six minutes of pure ear bleeding, brain melting, bliss! Without a doubt the best band of 2018. 'Amoretum Vol. 1' and '2' are the best albums of the year!"
- This is Not a Scene

"These are interesting and in some ways deeply trying times. Alliances that have lasted decades are dissipating. Centers of global power and leadership are shifting. Not all changes are for the better, and that's a vicious, vicious understatement. Black Space Riders seem to be offering a reminder of the human center of all the sociopolitical goings on - that it's not just about vague or even concrete notions of policy, or populism, or economics, but about people living their lives and working to make the world around them a little better for their being there."
- The Obelisk

"The only thing that's predictable with Black Space Riders is the unpredictability and never-ending creative flow of one of the best European rock bands." (9/10)
- Markus' Heavy Music Blog

"From Psychedelic Rock, Space Rock, Alternative Rock approach, they have a major sense of melody and songwriting. So creative and inspired. Another gift of great music." (8/10)
- Metal Temple

"An album that grows with every run and gradually unfolds its whole class. Just the different styles that come together make this disc so unique. Who closed Vol. 1 in the heart will love his little / big brother as much."
- Hellfire Magazin

"To connect this whole mishmash to a successful whole, that is the great strength of this band."
- My Revelations


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