Solar Flare Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR! Sunday January 29 2023, 4:18 PM
Solar Flare Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR!

Solar Flare Wins Battle Of The Bands This Week On MDR! Coming in with a devastating 11,108 votes!

These days, Ohio’s metal scene is brimming with sub-genre diversity, but one which has
yet to be fully explored is power metal. Taking up this mantle are five-man crew Solar Flare, whose six years of toil have yielded a self-titled début album honed, and playing an array of concerts, the band’s own style is 80s-driven from both sides of the pond, combining European power and flair with American speed and rock-out nature.

 It’s clear that a lot has been packed into Solar Flare. The musicianship shows tight chemistry, especially between guitarists Codi Davis and Garian Perry; the former riffs in that 80s German style, the latter shreds through his strings in technical soloing. At the foundation of the band you have the rhythms handled by Michael “Fish” Fisher’s bass and Jon Owens drums. Both yield a tight flow as a whole and help round out the bands signature sound.

 Standing on the helm of the ship as it sails forward is frontman Ethan Jackson. He is a classically trained vocalist, whose resonating tone commands attention whether in the theatrical singalong choruses or the higher register wails. He channels the energy of Geoff Tate and Bruce Dickinson in their respective primes, though there’s more than enough of his own style to avoid cries of mimicry.

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