Incursion - Blinding Force - Reviewed by heavymetalwebzine! Thursday January 26 2023, 2:00 PM
Incursion - Blinding Force - Reviewed by heavymetalwebzine!

Incursion - Blinding Force - Reviewed by heavymetalwebzine ! Check it out here at this link:

Time for welcome returns in my stereo and, after that of the Greek Steel Arctus , now it's the Americans Incursion who present us the fruit of their labors, that is the new album “Blinding Force” , published by the Hellenic label No Remorse Records . After a couple of changes in line-up (Robbie Crede and Dan Douchette have taken possession of bass and drums) the successor of the valid EP "The Hunter" picks up the sound discourse from where it left off, presenting nine songs of a traditional heavy metal rooted in the eighties, where the British influences of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and the American ones of Jag Panzer are filtered through a brilliant and inspired songwriting.

The combative component of the sound of the Nostri is, in my opinion, slightly less evident than in the recent past, while the quality of the recording, truly excellent, has remained almost unchanged: once again, the sounds are just as clean and perfectly balanced, the contribution of each instrument is constantly appreciable and, in particular, I enjoyed the persistent and varied pulsation of the bass, a real pleasure for me! While moving within well-known stylistic palettes - and this, as you well know by now, I don't dislike at all - with "Blinding Force" the Incursion create a fresh, lively and fun record, which easily manages to seduce me thanks to its genuine liveliness, for a total of forty-one minutes decidedly effective in remaining impressed: it starts with the song that gives the title to the album,

If "Blinding Force" is the longest piece of the nine proposed, the playing time is abundantly reduced with the subsequent "Vengeance" - a furious and compact piece - and the overwhelming "Running Out", a truly irresistible single released on vinyl in a limited edition (the side B is a cover of "Allied Force" by Triumph!). Still cadenced rhythmic tempos with "The Sentinel", a song with a more evocative vein, while with "The Rites" we find ourselves in the presence of a robust ride that leads to a spontaneous headbanging; the sound coordinates point towards Great Britain with the hot and fast "Master Of Evil", a piece that, if you wanted to place it within one of the albums that started the NWOTHM, would have had a guaranteed place in the lineup of "Into The Night” (2008) by the Swedish Enforcer.

With "Strike Down" we immerse ourselves in a double-faced piece where, an anthemic and evocative first part is followed by another - with the instruments added one by one - with more direct and sharp metallic developments; the last two songs in the lineup close “Blinding Force” full of energy: it takes less than three minutes for the sharp and powerful “Hang 'em High” to leave its mark, while with “Riot Act” the heavy metal of Incursion embraces more airy atmospheres, for a song with a great shot and, once again, the bass in evidence.

So, all the nice words spent in 2020 for Incursion and their music are today amply confirmed by "Blinding Force" , a successful record from all points of view that you won't get tired of listening to in a hurry! - heavymetalwebzine

Release Date: November 11, 2022

FFO: Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Judas Priest

Location: Nashville, TN

With thunderous glory, Incursion present their full-length album " Blinding Force " on No Remorse Records . Harking back to metal's glory era, the album's nine songs have squarely placed them poised to ride the momentum of their debut EP " The Hunter ".

The band consists of vocalist Steve Samson , guitarists Maxx Havick and Michael Lashinsky , drummer Dan Douchette , and bassist Robbie Crede . Like " The Hunter ", " Blinding Force " was produced by the band and engineer Chris Short ( Alestorm ) and mixed and mastered by Jorg Uken at Soundlodge Recording ( Anvil , Ravager, Slaughter Day ). The artwork was masterfully done by Marcos Miller ( Desaster , Decimator , Mental Horror ).

"Blinding Force" will be released on November 11th, 2022, on CD and LP.
Pre-order starts on September 23rd, 2022, at


"Blinding Force" track list:

1. Blinding Force
2. Vengeance
3. Running Out
4. The Sentinel
5. The Rites
6. Master Of Evil
7. Strike Down
8. Hang 'em High
9. Riot Act

The single " Running Out " released as a limited-edition 12" vinyl on September 16th and will be available exclusively by Incursion . It also features the Triumph classic " Allied Forces " as a non-album exclusive B-side, which features Jean-Pierre Abboud from Traveler and Matheus Lucian from Hell Gun . Incursion are ready to take their metallic onslaught to fans of Traditional Heavy Metal!

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