New Promo: Sadistic Messiah (Brazil) - Dehumanizing Process - (Thrash Metal) Tuesday January 24 2023, 10:31 PM
New Promo: Sadistic Messiah (Brazil) - Dehumanizing Process - (Thrash Metal)

Release Date: August ,31,2022

FFO: Kreator ,Carcass, Sepultura

Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Short Bio: The  Thrash Metal act SADISTIC MESSIAH  started as a duo in October 2018  in São Paulo city Brazil by the musicians  Rhodz Costa (Bewitchment ,Ex Infected , Side Effectz , Blasthrash , Heritage , Cemitério) and Danilo Angelcorpse ( Phantom Menace,   Hellish Grave,  Ex Amazarak). 

The guys released two full albums,High Voltage Demons,  October 2019 and Dehumanizing Process, August 2022,both albums released in cd format by the Brazilian label Thrash Or Death Records.

High Voltage Demons was released in tape format in Chile and Holand. 

With the great support of the metal community around the world, the duo decided to join some friends,  Italo Dourado on guitars ( Trioxine) and Vinicius Talamonte on drums ( Flagelador) and act like a band. 

Now,  the band work hard to spread the new album Dehumanizing Process to all headbangers thirst for the Riffs,  Aggression and Violence!  Be prepared to the third world underground!  Stay Sadistic ! 

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