GRETA VAN FLEET Releases New Single, 'When The Curtain Falls' Tuesday July 17 2018, 9:13 PM
 GRETA VAN FLEET Releases New Single, 'When The Curtain Falls'

Emerging young Michigan rockers GRETA VAN FLEET have released their brand new single, "When The Curtain Falls" , via iTunes , Apple Music and other music streaming services. You can now listen to the track below.

GRETA VAN FLEET 's first full-length album is tentatively due later this year. "We're reshaping it and then get into mastering and hopefully release it soon. It's looking like late summer," lead singer Josh Kiszka recently told MLive .

The band played in Michigan clubs for six years before rocketing to the top of the rock radio charts last year with "Highway Tune" . The track is taken from the "Black Smoke Rising" EP.

GRETA VAN FLEET drummer Danny Wagner recently told Musik Universe that his band doesn't mind being regularly compared to LED ZEPPELIN by fans and music critics alike. "We get it a lot, but you know what? In the end, it's such a high honor — it really is," he said. "Being compared to anyone of a generation that's nowhere of any relevance to yours is humbling alone, and the fact that these guys, to us, are prodigies — these guys are the real deal. These are the ones that we've never gotten to live to see, because we're so young. And the fact that we're being compared to them and it's garnering so much attention, it's honestly just a high honor to us at this point. We take it very humbly."

Asked if he thinks the ZEPPELIN comparisons will help GRETA VAN FLEET in the long run, Wagner said: "I hope so. But as every band goes, we've been working on our debut album, and we're really starting to hone in on a sound that has been developing over the last couple of years, and we're really trying to form this GRETA VAN FLEET kind of universe as we're doing so."

Last month, GRETA VAN FLEET guitarist Jake Kiszka told FaceCulture that LED ZEPPELIN was not a major influence on the group despite close similarities between the two bands' styles. He explained: "I think that we've become more conscious of it, because I don't think before we ever really realized, in a lot of senses, the similarities or the commonalities that we share with that group."

He added: "I think it's one of the greatest compliments that could ever be given to a young band like ourselves. They're arguably one of the greatest rock bands of all time, so that is humbling and inspiring and honorable, in that sense… Even if it exactly wasn't an overwhelming influence of ours, it still was influential and we can certainly see it. But overall, it doesn't really affect the writing of our music." Via Blabbermouth


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