Immortal Possession - The Resurrectionist - Reviewed By POWERMETAL! Wednesday December 28 2022, 4:01 PM
Immortal Possession - The Resurrectionist - Reviewed By POWERMETAL!

Immortal Possession - The Resurrectionist - Reviewed By POWERMETAL ! Check it out here at this link:,39875.html

An unusual career that should pick up speed after three decades?

If you look at the band history of IMMORTAL POSSESSION, you will discover numerous irritations, which in the end don't lead to calling the career an absolute blueprint. The band from Winnipeg, Canada, was active for the first time in the early 90s and released three impressive demos during this time, which have largely disappeared as relics of the tape trader era. As a result, there were several splits and reunions, but in the end there were no more studio visits, which is why the gentlemen should have been written off long ago. Surprisingly, the North Americans are now upping the ante and, after more than three turbulent decades, are launching a regular silver disc for the first time,

Nonetheless, the occasionally tech-savvy material falls a little short of making the comeback a true revelation. The musicians are quite capable of using their instruments in more complex scenarios, but what they lack is the ability to write songs that have real added value over the long term. The majority of the tracks on "The Resurrectionist" are more than passable when it comes to the viciousness and the morbid groove of the deadly reels, but in the end the spark never really wants to fly because the gentlemen keep missing individual accents set or to develop a little more penetrating power. The tempo changes mostly seem forced, in terms of dynamics you can't keep up with the pioneers of the Death Lead scene either,

With a little love for the very old school, you'll surely like "The Resurrectionist" anyway, because the stuff that IMMORTAL POSSESSION serves is by no means bad. But crucial highlights are missing, which hardly seem possible in the sometimes confusing mess of the arrangements. And you can expect a little bit more from a team with so much experience.

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Release Date: December 9th, 2022

FFO: Morbid Angel, Death, Deicide

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Immortal Possession is an old school Death Metal band based out of the murder capital of Canada (Winnipeg, Manitoba). Founded in 1989,they are renowned for their incredibly tight and bestial live performances. These OG’s of the Canadian Death Metal scene blazed the trail alongside bands like Kataklysm and Cryptopsy. They independently released three demos in their active years between 1990 and 1998 (Grave News From the Other Side/1991, Delicacy of Disease/1992 and Mass Murder/1994), attaining international acclaim through underground tape trading and fanzines.

The band reunited a few times over the years (2001, 2006 and 2016) remaining inactive until recently,when there was interest from multiple labels to reissue their recordings. Chuck Labossiere and John Duke (IP’s original members) had no interest in this venture, as they felt the sound quality and the performances didn’t do the songs justice. After being approached to reunite IP for Manitoba Metalfest 2020, they enlisted VOTOV drummer Derrick Kroll and decided to record the Immortal Possession catalogue the way it was meant to be represented and signed to CDN 2021..Originally a four piece, theyrecruited longtime friend Lee Arnone (Headcramp) as a secondary guitar player to complete the line-up. “The Resurrectionist” is the result of 30 plus years of OSDM fury, ready to be unleashed worldwide by CDN Records on December 9th/2022!


Chuck Labossiere - Guitar/Vocals
John Duke - Bass Guitar
Derrick Kroll - Drums
Lee Arnone - Guitar

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