Rachel: "I've been asked this question and I don't know really what it is other than we love doing it. It's one of those things… there was a point where we couldn't get far enough away from it, but once we had that breather and a little room, we're, like, 'Man, we can't just let this disappear into nothingness.' We just really enjoy what we are doing and when we got the band back together, there were really, really lean times and stuff would go good, then go bad, then go good, then go bad. It's weird because it took us, we basically started again in 2000. And, it took us until pretty much until 2015 to say, 'Okay, we went through personnel changes like crazy.' Once Rob [Hammersmith, drums] joined the band and that turned a lot of stuff around, once Rob Hammersmith joined. Then, once ZP [Theart, vocals] joined, everything completely changed. People were in our corner again. They were less critical. They found, especially the trolls online found less reasons to hate us, basically. [Laughs] It's like, that stuff is what it is, but we all internally just started feeling really good about what we were doing. We could see things over the past two and a half years whenever ZP joined, I think he came and started singing with us in 2015, I believe. It really started changing quick for the good. Things started getting really positive and eyebrows went up. I'm like, 'Oh man, what's going on?' Yeah, I think that's part of it. We just keep hitting these new goals and we're, like, 'Well, let's go out and tour again. Let's do this. Let's make a new record. Let's start writing songs, do a new record.' Then other people are coming to us, asking, 'Hey.' Labels are coming to us. Constant show offers coming in. It's just a really good feeling. When you hit that again at our age and our career, it's like, let's keep going. Let's ride this thing until the wheels fall off."