New Promo: Truth to Power - Claim Your Freedom - (Thrash/Hardcore) Wednesday November 30 2022, 12:09 PM
New Promo: Truth to Power - Claim Your Freedom - (Thrash/Hardcore)

Release Date:12/26/2022

FFO: Lamb of God, Everytime I Die, Pantera

Location: Gainesville, GA

Short Bio: Truth to Power was formed in the mid 2010s by bass player and vocalist Chris Chalmers. At that time Chris was a one man show and utilizing fill-ins to cover all the instruments in the band.  In 2021, Chris partnered with Kellan Scalf and Codye Satterwhite at The Maelstrom Studio to produce and record the EP "Claim your Freedom" which will be released later this year. After hearing the singles and laying down lead guitar on one of the tracks, Butch Cunningham became interested in pursuing Truth to Power full time. Chris obliged and at that point, Butch took over drums while Gabe Sweeney and Jonathan Lovall picked up the guitar playing duties. Since then the band has written several new songs and are preparing for a full length album and tour in 2023.

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