ROB ZOMBIE: Teaser Trailer For '3 From Hell' Movie Saturday July 14 2018, 7:57 PM
 ROB ZOMBIE: Teaser Trailer For '3 From Hell' Movie

A trailer for Rob Zombie 's next movie, "3 From Hell" , is being shown at every concert during his current North American summer tour with Marilyn Manson . Rob posted a preview on his Instagram account and wrote in an accompanying message: "Keep your eyes peeled for the THREE FROM HELL trailer during our show! A little preview for you all. It not often you get to watch 14,000 people watch a trailer."

"3 From Hell" , a sequel to Zombie 's 2005 horror hit "The Devil's Rejects" , is said to continue the story of the Firefly clan — Sid Haig as Captain Spaulding , Bill Moseley as Otis and Sheri Moon Zombie as Baby — whom we saw go down in a torrent of bullets at the end of the first film.

During an appearance on "Trunk Nation" , Eddie Trunk 's show on SiriusXM channel Volume , Zombie stated about "3 From Hell" : "It's the third part of my sort of trilogy that started with 'House Of 1,000 Corpses' , then it was 'The Devil's Rejects' and now it's this movie called '3 From Hell' . It's the third part of that series."

He added: "We're done shooting it. I finished about two weeks ago. And, basically, the process just stops and waits for me. 'Cause the film will just basically sit and wait till I get back from tour, which is the end of August, maybe… I don't remember when [ 'The Second Coming' ] tour [with Marilyn Manson ] ends… beginning of September. And then we'll start editing. And that'll take me through the rest of the year."

Asked to name his favorite part of the movie-making process, Rob said: "I like all of it. It's all a process that I enjoy. Shooting is great. Shooting is actually the fastest part of it.

"This film probably had two solid years of pre-production to get it going, 'cause getting these movies going sometimes feels close to impossible," he explained. "And then the shoot is so fast. And then the editing will be five or six months, maybe. But I like it. I have a studio at my house, and we just bring the editors there and set up and we just sequester ourselves away. It's actually the same studio we make the records in; we just switch out the gear."

Zombie went on to say that he didn't envision the original story being fleshed out over three movies when he first started writing it more than 15 years ago. "Every time I would finish a movie… After the second one, I thought, 'We're done with it,' but I always think that with every movie," he admitted. "And then you kind of live with it for a long time, and the movies sort of take on a life of their own, or they start getting popular and the fans really start embracing them and the characters, and you start thinking, 'Well… Hmmm… What if I did this? What if I did that?' This one, it's 14 years in between the two films, so it's been a long time; it wasn't really a rush to make it, by any means."

"3 From Hell" was shot in California and is tentatively due in early 2019.

It's not clear whether Zombie plans to resurrect the Firefly trio from the dead in some kind of supernatural fashion in the new film or has found a way to explain that they survived the original movie's climactic shootout.

"The Devil's Rejects" is widely considered Zombie 's best film. It's a semi-sequel to his directorial debut, 2003's "House Of 1,000 Corpses" , which introduced the Firefly family.

Bloody Disgusting reported four months ago that Zombie was in negotiations with Saban Films and Lionsgate to release "3 From Hell" in theaters, VOD, and home video. Zombie distributed his last movie, the partially crowdfunded "31" , through both companies.

Zombie 's 29-date tour with Marilyn Manson kicked off in Detroit on July 11.Via Blabbermouth

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