New Promo: bloodofjupiter - Eternal Damnation - ( Extreme Metal ) Thursday September 24 2020, 4:23 AM
New Promo: bloodofjupiter - Eternal Damnation - ( Extreme Metal )

bloodofjupiter recently released their first single from the forthcoming album " Eternal Damnation "on July 31st named " Bleeding " you can check it out here:

& here:

The next single "232 - Esoteric Terror" to be released 10 - 10 - 2020.

The band is confirmed for Eindhoven Metal Meeting in the Netherlands Dec the 10th (if the festival really will happen nobody knows but yet it is not canceled) & to play a co-headline show with Siniestro in the south of Sweden in the city of Malmoe October the 10th and Järfälla Metal Fest (along Firespawn etc) in May 2021 just outside of Stockholm Sweden to name a few of the highlights.

The date of the full album to be released will be revealed soon.

The album " Eternal Damnation " was recorded in February & April 2020 at Studio Humbucker outside of Stockholm . It is engineered, mixed,and mastered by Robert Pehrsson ( Death Breath, Imperial State Electric, Humbucker ,etc) in the same studio.

The album contains seven songs and clocks just under one full hour:

1. Archangel Polymorphess In Blue
2. 232 -Esoteric Terror
3. Bleeding
4. Abstract Unobtainium
5. Eternal Damnation
6. Hommage des Ténèbres
7. storm Past Torture

The band defines themselves as eclecticism between heavy Californian Thrash Metal 1984-1986, doom metal & death metal . Therefore they invented the new genre Death Doomed Rock n Fvkkin Barolo of Metal as nothing really suits the band.

The band consists of:

David Isberg - Vocals
Commander - Guitar
Peter Pettersson - drums
& at moment a session bass player whose identity will be revealed soon.

The members got a past and present in many bands touching the Swedish scene of more or less Extreme Metal such as Mynjun, Siniestro, Phidion, somn, Procreation, Opeth, Ixxi, Valkyrja, Procreation , and so on.

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