Exitus Stratagem Records - "Collateral Damage" is Coming From AITTALA's Doomy New Album “Live to Regret” Wednesday September 21 2022, 1:08 PM
Exitus Stratagem Records - "Collateral Damage" is Coming From AITTALA's Doomy New Album “Live to Regret”

L-R - AITTALA - Gary 'Smith' Zeus (Drums), Eric Aittala (Guitar/Vox), Ali Lugo (Bass)
Photo Credit - Formont Photography

Aittala   can best be described as eclectic doom, they have taken inspiration from other genres such as sludge, power, and traditional metal. They are gearing up to release their sixth album   “Live yo Regret”   this fall and to intrigue listeners, they offering their first single   “Collateral Damage”   accompanied with a music video. The single is a hard rock/metal track about dealing with relationship ultimatums set to catchy, memorable riffs and comes with a video. They had this to say about it:

“It was the first song written for the album during the pandemic. The lyrics were inspired by a very chaotic relationship one of the band members was going through at that time. The girlfriend was very controlling and kept drawing lines and giving ultimatums until it reached the breaking point and the relationship shattered. The music flowed as organically as the lyrics and it came together very quickly. We are very proud of this song and video and excited for the fans to experience it!”

Watch and listen to   "Collateral Damage"   via its premiere on   TheCirclePit   YouTube channel at  

The album   “Live To Regret”   has eleven tracks, all written during the pandemic, and conveys a sense of chaos that the band members were experiencing at the time. Compared to the albums that came before it, the core of the   Aittala   sound remains constant, but steadily matures over time. The first two albums were more experimental using programmed drums with heavy use of keys/synthesizers. After drummer Gary ‘Zeus’ Smith joined the band in 2012, the writing started to tune in to his drumming style and become more guitar orientated. In 2019, bassist Ali Lugo joined and brought a different musical perspective that is infused throughout the new album.

The original incarnation of   Aittala   was formed in 1991 in The Netherlands while guitarist/vocalist Eric Aittala was stationed there with the United States military. For about 18 months, they played shows around The Netherlands and started to create a buzz around the scene. Unfortunately,   Aittala   had to leave the country at the end of 1993 when his military contract ended. The project lay dormant for quite some time while Eric played in other bands, but he continued to write and record   Aittala   songs as a side project. In 2009, he made the decision to concentrate on   Aittala   again as his only musical endeavor.

Aittala ’s sound is one that is hard to narrow down, they have managed to etch out a uniqueness all their own, but will find favor with those interested in Mastodon, Eyehategod, and Baroness.

"Live to Regret"   will be available on November 7, 2022, via   Exitus Stratagem Records   and was produced by Eric Aittala and   John E. Wooten IV , who also mixed the record along with mastering by   Dave Harris at Studio B Mastering.   Album artwork by Mariano Pugliese.

Album pre-order:   https://hypeddit.com/aittala/ livetoregret ​

Album Sampler -  

Track Listing:
1. Live to Regret - 2:49
2. Collateral Damage - 3:22
3. War of Attrition - 3:18
4. Saint - 3:35
5. Cannibals - 3:56
6. Betrayed - 3:26
7. Big Brother - 4:45
8. Dancing with Disaster - 3:35
9. Never Forget - 3:36
10. Well Enough Alone - 5:03
11. Juliet (2022) - 5:24
Album Length: 42:56

For more info:
https://www.facebook.com/ aittalamusic ​
https://www.instagram.com/ aittalamusic

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