New Promo: Humaniac (Russia) - Until the Light Fakes Us - (Prog / Tech / Symphonic Death Metal) Monday September 12 2022, 3:15 PM
New Promo: Humaniac (Russia) - Until the Light Fakes Us - (Prog / Tech / Symphonic Death Metal)

Release Date: 08/26/2022

FFO: The Faceless, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Shadow of Intent

Location: Moscow, Russia

Press Release about the record:

Humaniac always tried to take the brightest ideas from different metal subgenres and express them through complex structures, progressive harmonies and ultra-fast and precise instrument parts. This album isn't an exception. Moreover, it shows, that Humaniac is not just an interesting postmodern experiment, as many thought before, but an act with unique holistic musical philosophy, solid and evolving at the same time. New release is black metal oriented, but surely contains "spots of light", both musically and lyrically, the band doesn't shy away major scales and life-affirming themes. Also, we are proud to mention, that all instruments (even solos and blast beats 260+ bpm 16-th notes) are recorded live.

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Short Bio: 

Humaniac is not a typical metal band not only in terms of music but in terms of its history as well. It is still not clear what to count a founding year, which style it refers to and if there are going to be regular shows in the nearest future as members of the band live not only in different cities but in different continents.

Since 2012 Humaniac has released 3 full-length albums and several singles and EP's. The band did some tours in Russia and played shows with artists like Hate and Vader, but preferred to spend last 2 years on preparing new material that is both very different from what you could hear on previous albums and still is very Humaniac: complex structures, technical riffs, ultra fast solos, symphonic arrangements and all other staff that you can expect but now in a more mature and sometimes more innovative manner. Latest album called Until the Light Fakes Us was released in August 2022.


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