Ovtlier will "Break" you into the Holidays! Monday November 19 2018, 8:51 PM
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Ovtlier will "Break" you into the Holidays!


In Rochester, NY in the Summer of 2014, Ovtlier has grown into a roaring rock band of stadium ambitions. Led by the enigmatic frontman Joey Arena, Ovlier has already captured the hearts of more than 60K daily followers online, appeared in Revolver Magazine, Alternative Press, Loudwire, ABC News and has been selling out local shows around the Northeast. Their latest release, music video “Buried Me Alive” takes the listener on a roller-coaster reminiscent of the biggest rock-behemoths of the genre. Drawing influences from Breaking Benjamin, 30 Seconds To Mars, Korn and others, Ovtlier brings the rock edge to a new height of intensity. “Buried Me Alive” features powerful visuals of abandonment, inner destruction, and rage that is born from having to be “buried alive”.

Inspired by 90s grunge, Joey Arena began playing guitar at the age of 11 on an old 3-string guitar. After achieving commercial success with his first band Young Bloods, Arena struggled to find himself, and soon was traveling 8 hours on weekends from Rochester to Cleveland in search of an identity and definition for what would become Ovtlier’s debut EP What Doesn’t Kill You. Playing sold-out local shows and rapidly growing their fan-base among rock music fans. Following several offers from major labels, Ovtlier set out to deliver their most personal and intense work yet.

Band Members
Joey Arena - Lead Vocals
Joey Lana - Drums
Joe Syracusa - Guitar/Vocals
Cosmo Pusateri - Bass/Vocals


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