Fjøsnisse - Vord - Reviewed By VM-Underground! Thursday September 1 2022, 1:18 PM
Fjøsnisse - Vord - Reviewed By VM-Underground!

Fjøsnisse - Vord - Reviewed By VM-Underground ! Check it out here at this link:

Anders Vada, the bloke behind this Norwegian Black Metal project, just started a couple of years ago. 2019 to be precise, and already has the statistics to show that creating and releasing material isn’t a problem for him.

“Vord” is the third full-length and its fundament is without any doubt the scene from his own country. And when you add sagas and folk tales as both lyrical and musical inspiration, the enthusiast among us knows enough.

With sharp vocals, fast riffs and icy melodies Vada mixes the end ’90 releases of Immortal, Satyricon and Taake, with some winks towards elder releases as well, (just listen to the opening of “Gjenferd”), and give it a swirl of its one to it.

According to my standards; it is not outstanding yet, as entire songs don’t stick but only parts of them, but the potential to create something outstanding is definitely there. (Ricardo) - VM-Underground

Release Date: January 16, 2021

FFO: Taake, Darkthrone, Mork

Screaming Skull Records are happy to announce that this fantastic album is finally available on Monday September 20th on limited 12" Vinyl,

Short bio : Fjøsnisse is a folkloric black metal band from Norway.It is a one-man band and was formed in 2019.The music has roots in Black metal, with some elements  from thrash, heavy metal and epic folk melodies.

The third full-length has been well received by critics and fans alike and might be his best creation so far and we are inclined to agree. Following in the veins of his previous releases, this fantastic album takes us on a walk through the mighty, cold and dark mountains of Norway, enveloped by the sagas and folk tales that have inspired Fjøsnisse's work since the beginning.

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