Popular French Metal Bands With the Hottest Sounds Friday August 19 2022, 2:23 PM
Popular French Metal Bands With the Hottest Sounds

Undoubtedly, metal music is one of the most popular in the world. However, it's also among the least known. As a musical genre, metal was established from Rock in the 1960s onto the early 1970s. Since then, it has had several famous bands such as Judas Priest and Black Sabbath.

Although metal music isn't too popular with the French media, there are still thousands of people that love it. They go to concerts. This article focuses on some of the most famous French metal bands that offer the hottest sounds. Read on.

7 Top French Metal Bands

Below are some of the most famous French metal bands.


They changed their name from Gorgasm (in order not to conflict with a band of a similar name). Gorod's tech-passing has developed into progressively moderate regions over years. One of them was the 2015's A Maze of Recycled Creeds. It got intense blasts and musical cadenced dynamism put them at the front line of the future-minded. 

Year Of No Light

Drone, post-rock, vanguard, the list goes on, Year Of No Light has never been viewed as a 'legitimate' band by its individuals. A greater amount of a trial side task; yet one ceaselessly bears entrancing natural product, procuring the band solicitations to Roadburn and Hellfest. The rambling atmosphere of the 2013's Vampyr was composed as an elective soundtrack to go with a 1932 thriller of a similar title.


Trailblazers of the ongoing abundance of black metal-cum-shoegaze, the outrageous foundations of members Neige and Winterhalter lie in their peculiarly awful previous outfit Peste Noire. Developing past the conventions of the genre has created a few genuinely emotive minutes, impending record Kodama idealizing their piercing recipe of delicate melancholy and invigorating warmth.


The ever-evolving titans of France took it up the notch with Magma. The band worked on their messed-up crush into more tasteful forms that by privileges ought to make them as gigantic as they merit. It is in the live setting that they experienced more shine - a band others dread to follow. Devastatingly weighty, outlandishly tight, they must be seen to be believed!

Deathspell Omega

Here is another great French metal band. The second installment of the trilogy of 2007's Fas was released to critical recognition and with good reason. 

The Great Old Ones

The literary proclivities of metal often venture into the dim waters of frightfulness essayist HP Lovecraft. This is what Avant-dark metal minions, the Great Old Ones, take to an obvious result with their unabashed legend love. This metal band was named after old Lovecraftian divinities. Their fear-filled environs pay fitting respect to imperishable malicious (Tekeli-Li in 2014) given Lovecraft's novella, At the Mountains Of Madness.

Svart Crown

After the Profane in 2013, Svart Crown kept Behemoth on their toes as rulers of darkened death metal. This delivered serious intensity with incapacitating openness. It fulfills your hunger for technicality and extremity inside engaging songwriting. No mean accomplishment, it earned them deserved praise. They appear as a band bound for greater things!


Metal music is popular among thousands of French fans. These bands are well known and they keep coming up with engaging sounds that are beyond planet Earth. Check  this site  to learn more about french metal music.

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