Where is SAY10, Marilyn Manson Goes Missing And Snoop Dogg Gets Threatened? Friday March 17 2017, 1:46 PM
Where is SAY10, Marilyn Manson Goes Missing And Snoop Dogg Gets Threatened?

"Where is Marilyn Manson? His fans are both upset and confused about his MIA status since February 11th, 2017 - three days before he was supposed to release his new album, Say10. Manson, who is usually quite active on his social media accounts, has not made any new personalized posts since then, not even to inform his fans about why the album was not released on Valentine’s Day, as anticipated. This was so heartbreaking for his fans who had been counting down the days until the album’s release. Manson has always been a great voice during dark and tumultuous times, saying what most of us feel in a way that only Manson can do with his dark poetic genius. His fans want and need new art from him, now more than ever…. Where is he? Even if something legitimate happened to delay the release of the album, why would he refrain from offering fans an explanation or even a new release date for them to anticipate? The silence is both confusing and worrying. On election day in November 2016, Manson released a teaser video for the new song, “Say10” to promote the new album. The video clip featured Manson tearing pages out of a Bible with his bloody hands, also holding a knife. Then, we see a decapitated body of a politician, assumed to be President Donald Trump. In wake of Trump’s crackdown on free open media, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech, is it possible that something more sinister has happened to Marilyn Manson as punishment for this video? It may sound farfetched, but these are new and scary times in this country. Recently, artist Snood Dogg released his new video for the song “Lavender” where he pretends to shoot Trump with a fake gun, to which Trump responded to by stating he should be punished legally. If Snoop can be threatened with prosecution and jail for practicing free speech, perhaps it isn’t too crazy to wonder if something happened to Manson because of his portrayal of a decapitated Trump. If Marilyn Manson is out there and reading this, I am a huge fan and have been for over 22 years. I am truly worried about you, as I am sure many fans are. Please break your silence and let us know you are okay." - Marietta Mounla (Miss Moonshine)

Say10 (stylized SAY10) is the working title of the upcoming tenth studio album by American rock band Marilyn Manson. 

In November 2015, Manson announced in an interview with KEGL that he, along with Tyler Bates, Twiggy and Gil Sharone, had begun working on the band's tenth studio album. Its title and release date were revealed in July 2016 during an interview with Ryan J. Downey at the APMAs, after Manson had been presented with their Icon Award. However, he also stated in the same interview that Say10 was a "working title", implying that it could be altered before release.The title dates back to Manson's twelfth-grade Christian school yearbook.

As with previous album The Pale Emperor, Manson and Bates worked on Say10 while the latter was composing score material for US television series Salem;the third season of which features Manson as a recurring cast member, portraying a barber surgeon sociopath named Thomas Dinley. The band recorded parts of the album in Louisiana, where Manson was filming scenes for Salem. They had previously recorded their 1996 album Antichrist Superstar in the state. In September, Manson confirmed that they were "putting the finishing touches" on the record.

Watch the teaser video that may have gotten him in trouble.

And here is the video that is getting Snoop heat now.

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