Beginning To Like Metal? Here Are Five Bands You Should Know About Wednesday June 15 2022, 9:23 AM
Beginning To Like Metal? Here Are Five Bands You Should Know About

There are many interesting bands that create a lot of buzz in the town. Let's check out five of the best brands if you like Metals.


Do you feel like the Jazz guitar and the bass guitar tear apart your rib cage and price your heart? 

Are you a priest of Metal? 

You curse light music and vocals with the thunder and lightning of your Bass guitar and drums. The good news is that you can download Metals from for free of cost. So, you do not need to buy any subscription to any platform anymore.  

The following article will discuss the best Metal that created history. 

Five Best Five Bands That You Should Know 

There is much Metal in the town that rocks your evenings. But some Metals really influence people across generations, fooling and negating geographical boundaries created by insignificant people.

You could stop people at the gates made by mankind. But if some electric bass guitar bangs at LA…

It vibrates Tokyo! 

Stop them if you can! 

The vibrations from electric guitars create eruptions in your hearts!

Let's discuss 5 of the best Metal bands in human history.

1. Megadeth

Sometimes, heat generated by failures and frustration erupts lava into your hearts. The same happened with Dave Mustaine. He was a guitarist in Metallica. The band fired him in the year 1983, the reason being chronic alcoholism and tussling with teammates. 

It generated the fire and fury inside his heart that would wipe Metallica off the map. Though he did not succeed, Megadeth came out to rule in the eighties.

Mustaine stayed at the zenith of success with his performance. He went on to rock the stage with Slayer and Anthrax.

The show ended with all four jamming and Mustaine. After that, he joined Metallica, and all ended well. The group shared the stage together again.

2. Pelican 

Since its formation, Pelican has continued to rock and roll people. The rock band is known for its vibrations.

Diversity in music is also one of the great assets, so far as the band is considered. If you have fire in your heart and head, calm it down and rekindle it with the tunes.

Metal has the innate power of creating an atmosphere on the stage that will generate trance in you. If you are a representative of the early 2000s, you have not missed it for once; we are sure about it.

3. Earthless

If you are searching for a Metal that can jam and rock you out for hours, this is the one. One distinctive thing with the Earthless is that they are not here to project how many notes they can procure.

Instead, they ensure that you have a good trip while you are there. Some bands shine in a live environment, and this is definitely one of these.

They create the ambiance that will take you on a trip to the valleys and the mountain cliffs. They are the ones that produce a lasting effect on your mind. So check out what they are capable of producing. 

4. Black Sabbath 

They started their journey with Heavy Metal. There were some mind-blowing performances if you consider songs like" Children of the Graves," "War Pigs," and "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath."

The band went through ups and downs and created waves on the stages year after year. In the later stages, Frontman Ozzy Osbourne was pushed out in the year 1979. Later on, they recruited Ronnie James Dio.

They dazzled shows with "Heaven and hell," and it was a successful take-off. Throughout the entire journey of the band, a great many singers came onto the stage. Therefore turned into a highly successful band in the later stages.

5. Dream Theatre

Are you in love with prog rock and Heavy Metal?

If such is the case, you better find your abode in Dream Theatre. This Metal is a marriage made in heaven between Prog Rock and Heavy Metal.

Suppose it might be that you have not heard a lot about this group. In order to describe Dream Theatre, it can be said that it somehow combines Pink Floyd's "In the flesh" and Kansas' "Carry on Wayward."

Metal is blessed at different times by drummers like Mike Portnoy and the great John Petrucci. The band is still roaring with pride among its fans. 


Besides these five, there are some other Metal Bands that you can add to any list. Iron Maiden, Animals and Leaders, Tia Carrera is notable among them.

These Metals have undoubtedly rocked the stages for ages. Now they continue to inspire generations of drummers and guitarists across the world. 

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