Midnite Hellion - Kingdom Immortal - Reviewed by Metal Crypt! Thursday May 12 2022, 10:20 AM
Midnite Hellion - Kingdom Immortal - Reviewed by Metal Crypt!

Midnite Hellion - Kingdom Immortal - Reviewed by Metal Crypt ! Check it out here at this link: http://www.metalcrypt.com/pages/review.php?revid=13609

Midnite Hellion is a band out of Trenton, New Jersey, that plays in-your-face metal with a sharp, thrashy edge on their second album, Kingdom Immortal. Every instrument on the record is up front, loud and proud, from the drums to the guitars to the vocals and you can hear some early East Coast thrash in their sound with vocals that almost bark at times and sharp, staccato riffing. The mix is flat with little depth and the production is dry and I think some of the songs that are not bad, like "Phantomland" with its fun riff or "Speed Demon" and its sing-along chorus, would have been better served with a warmer sound. There are other songs that aren't all that great, like the slow, unexciting "Rapscallion," that once again a better production would likely have helped. The songwriting is hit or miss, so Kingdom Immortal is at times entertaining and at others a bit of a chore. I think this one will likely appeal to fans of '80s US metal, specifically the stuff coming from the East Coast like Overkill and TT Quick. - Metal Crypt

Release Date: January 21, 2022

FFO: Eternal Champion, Cobra Spell, Night Demon

Location: Trenton, New Jersey

Enter Kingdom Immortal, the new album from Midnite Hellion.  Kingdom Immortal contains eight brand-new cuts of New Jersey-style Heavy Metal.  Unleashed by Power Chord Productions on January 21st, 2022!

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Established in 2011 by drummer Drew Rizzo, Midnite Hellion took shape with the addition of bassist and vocalist Rich Kubik in 2016.  Joined by lead guitarist Charles Koegler in June 2019, the band entered Pyramid Sound Studios in Ithaca, NY in August 2019 with producer Alex Perialas ( Anthrax/S.O.D, OverKill, Testament, Joe Bonamassa ).  

Recording for Kingdom Immortal was completed in six days, with mixing and mastering taking place in March and May 2021, respectively.  The vinyl mastering was cut at Infrasonic Mastering by Daniel Bacigalupi ( Barry Gibb, Dolly Parton, Stray Cats, Willie Nelson ) and manufactured at Third Man Records ( Jack White/The White Stripes ). Their debut album, Condemned To Hell , catapulted Midnite Hellion into the metal markets in 2017.  

The album was featured on the coveted “ New Music Mondays ” program on 89.5 FM WSOU .  Heavy regional and national touring in support of the album was in order, most notably supporting Otep and The World Over in December 2018 in the Midwest and Mountain regions of the US. Midnite Hellion is currently endorsed by InTune Guitar Picks, Axis Percussion , and Drumlite .


Rich Kubik:  Bass/Vocals
Charles Koegler:  Guitars
Drew Rizzo:  Drums

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