Aeon Of Awareness - Wairua - Reviewed By My Revelations! Thursday April 28 2022, 8:18 PM
Aeon Of Awareness - Wairua - Reviewed By My Revelations!

Aeon Of Awareness - Wairua - Reviewed By My Revelations ! Check it out here at this link:

After AEON OF AWARENESS immersed a journey set to music last year in the 'Dialogue with the Unconscious' in the first subjective experience of a sensually incomprehensible and rationally inexplicable transcendent reality, the Leipzig duo now takes us into the world of the indigenous people of New Zealand. We are talking about the Māori, the 'Tangata whenua' (people of the country), who settled on the two main islands in the South West Pacific long before the discovery of European sailors. The greatest contemporary homage to Māori aborigines is their well-known Haka dance, which is impressively performed by the New Zealand Rugby Union, the All Blacks, before each international match. This scenario, which is presented as a terrifying spectacle, is intended to present the physical superiority and condition of each individual warrior and to instill respect and fear in the respective opponent. In the form of the second EP "Wairua" (The non-physical mind of a person that exists beyond death), AEON OF AWARENESS deals intensively with the worldview and faces of the Māori for a little over half an hour and at the same time invites us to participate in this trip.

At the beginning, the instrumental sceptre is swung with "A World Beyond" and the one-and-a-half-minute interlude "Te Ao". Through the introductory riffing, a mystical harmony quickly sets in. Between the instrumental prelude, the four-minute preliminary single "Te Kore" finds its place. An energetic track that not only hits a fat notch vocally, but also playfully belongs to the listeners of this EP without a doubt. Vocally bilingual in german and English is driven and its entire structure is reminiscent of the Magdeburg Melo Deather ABROGATION. During the half-hour journey, a stopover will be made at the various Māori deities. According to mythological aspects, the all-father Tāne is responsible for the forests and birds, who has been given the song "Rise Of Tāne". A track that has a decent Atü on the cauldron. With this slightly blackened doublebase fireworks, which reveals its real strength due to the predominantly constant tempo, only the hoarse vocals on this track sound a bit uninspired and not very varied. This can confidently be booked as a one-time slip-up, as the two skillfully get the curve directly afterwards.

For Māori, the god Tāwhiri is responsible for the various weather phenomena such as lightning, thunder, wind, clouds and storm. For him, AEON OF AWARENESS have created the last new track "Revenge Of Tāwhiri", which with six and a half minutes of playing time is one of the longest playing times on "Wairua". Here it goes first with a deliberate start continuously forward and settles in the playful mid-tempo. The vocals of Meta List are bursting with energy again and fit wonderfully into the original concept of what makes AEON OF AWARENESS. The bonus material is "Resignation", "Fort Fortress" and "De L'Aube Des Temps", which can already be heard on "Dialogue with the Unconscious" last year. Even if these three tracks fit conceptually to the Māori theme, "Revenge Of Tāwhiri" missed the impression of a jump on an otherwise good EP. Sometimes less is more!! - My Revelations

Release Date: April 15th, 2022

FFO: Wolfheart, Be'lakor, older In Flames, Deserted Fear

Location: New Zealand

This Two Man Army was launched in 2020. At a time that confronts us with uncertainties and restrictions on various levels, it’s time to bundle creative energies and put a long-awaited wish into practice.

The new EP is called WAIRUA and contains five new songs including three older bonus tracks.  In the world of the Tangata Whenua, the indigenous people of New Zealand, Wairua is described as the non-physical spirit of a person which exists beyond death. It represents the life essence of every human being.

On the content level, this EP represents an exciting musical journey, exploring the deep mythology of the Māori. Here, topics were deliberately chosen that can also be transferred to today's challenges of modern societies. In addition, all tracks are related to each other in terms of content.

As on the previous EP, WAIRUA contains spherical melodic death metal tracks that occasionally make use of elements from black metal and death doom.

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