ObsElite - Ghost // Hack - Reviewed by HardMusicBase! Sunday April 24 2022, 8:14 PM
ObsElite - Ghost // Hack - Reviewed by HardMusicBase!

ObsElite - Ghost // Hack - Reviewed by HardMusicBase ! Check it out here at this link: https://hardmusicbase.cz/index.php?stranka=recenze_vypis&id=92165&m=1

I hate it when I get my hands on an industrial metal album and it doesn't even do the clinks of the line from the clocks at the gatehouse, let alone the engineering and manufacturing operations. There are still a few electronics, like a porter playing an antediluvian computer game. Let's say that at first I was sorry that the American band OBSELITE did not use keyboards more and did not incorporate darkly depressing samples into their songs. Only the last two songs are spiced up with cyberpunk electronics in a metal base. These two songs are the most interesting thing about the album for me, but the rest is definitely not to be discarded. OBSELITE relies primarily on mechanically dehumanized, vulgarly destroying regular rhythms. And the machine rhythm is accompanied by harrowing guitar eruptions with roaring and slightly more vocal vocals. It is as if the transnational manufacturing perversions of Rammstein collided with the factory slavery of the Fear Factory and the nuances of samael space esotericism. All this, however, without much key support. I take that as a negative, because the engineering atmospheres could be a little stronger. But even so, it is a fairly capable factory pet. - HardMusicBase

Release Date: February 22, 2022

FFO: Fear Factory, Static X, Ministry

Location: Detroit, Michigan, USA

ObsElite is 3-piece Industrial Metal band that dwells within the bowels of the modern-day dystopian city known as Detroit, Michigan, USA. All of the concepts are loosely based on futuristic dystopian concepts that are engrained within all sorts of sci fi media.

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Justin Kelter - Vocals
Kiel Fauxton - Guitar / programming
Ryan Fairbrother - bass / programming

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