Wasted (Dk) - The Haunted House - Reviewed By POWERMETAL! Sunday April 24 2022, 6:58 PM
Wasted (Dk) - The Haunted House - Reviewed By POWERMETAL!

Wasted (Dk) - The Haunted House - Reviewed By POWERMETAL ! check it out here at this link: http://www.powermetal.de/review/review-Wasted__Dk_/The_Haunted_House,39104.html

This band is one of the veterans of the Danish scene. Of the formation that recorded some demos in the early 80s, but was able to make a name for itself with its image based on various horror films and corresponding live shows, until recently even three members were involved with singer Mick Sonne and the two guitarists Thomas Olsen and Allen Sorensen.

Therefore, it was more than legitimate that the troupe, which was brought back to life in 2013, re-recorded some songs on their 2019 album "Electified", which came from the first phase of existence until the dissolution in 1985. The five-piece has maintained this tradition, because with 'The King' there is again an old track to be heard at the end of "The Haunted House". However, this has been spiced up in terms of sound and is therefore not really out of the ordinary. On the contrary, the number even fits damn well into the action, after all, WASTED is stylistically also assigned to the "old school" in 2022, and leaves mainly jagged heavy metal from the stack over the entire season.

Although there are also a lot of speed and thrash metal sprinkles to hear, but these also come from the early days of the genres, and thus fit in just as well. Also from the lyrics you are still mainly in the horror area, film sequences as introductions, such as in 'Resurrection', underpin this genre affinity and result in a coherent overall picture. Singer Mick also contributes a considerable part to this.

His voice still takes as much getting used to as it is striking and scratchy, but simply fits terrifically to the sometimes a little crazy intoned material. Especially in this regard, it must be added that WASTED does not use any keyboard instruments or other "tools" to create the corresponding creepy atmosphere.

It is still primarily up to the guitarists to ensure this. And the team, inspired by the famous compatriots Hank Sherman and Michael Denner as well as Jeff Hanneman (listen to the introduction to 'Wasted Attack') and Jeff Waters ('Nailed To The Cross'), manages this in a remarkable way. Respect! - POWERMETAL

Release Date: March 25, 2022

FFO: Martyr, King Diamond, Eternal Champion

Location: Denmark

“The Haunted House” is the fourth album release from the Danish old school heavy metal band Wasted - probably the oldest heavy metal band in the Kingdom of Denmark since 1981.
With this new powerful and energetic ten track heavy metal release, “The Haunted House”, Wasted has been aiming for more sound, greater depth and many more details to the writing of the songs to compliment the horror stories and dark lyrics which defines this album release. The last track on the album “The King” is, however, from 1984 and has now been turned into an extended version with a whole lot of Denmark´s finest and prettiest lead guitar players showing off their “skills that kills”, bringing this song into the new Millennium in the most virtuosic way. It is obvious that the present line-up is by far the strongest and most powerful in the long history of the band, and with the release of “The Haunted House” Wasted are claiming their position as one of the currently hardest rocking bands in Denmark! 

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1. The Haunted House 
2. Mr. Black
3. Watch Out
4. Nailed To The Cross
5. Coffin Maker
6. Metal Snack
7. Resurrection
8. Candy Cane 
9. Wasted Attack
10. The King


M. Sonne – Vocal
Thomas Pede - Guitar
Jimi Hansen - Guitar
Alex Mars - Drums
C. Jepsen - Bass

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