Dark Funeral - Goat Blood Fetish - Double Featured Interviews & The Zach Moonshine Show Monday April 4 2022, 10:35 AM
Dark Funeral - Goat Blood Fetish - Double Featured Interviews & The Zach Moonshine Show

This episode features a double feature of interviews from Goat Blood Fetish and Dark Funeral! We talk about the new albums from both bands and play new music from them as well as new releases from Watain, Day Of Doom, Summoner's Circle, and Pillaging Villagers! We also play some classics by request from Urgehal, Season Of Arrows, Nine Inch Nails and Totally Overrated Sellouts!

Track List:

1 - We remain/The howling/Serimosa - Watain

2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro

3 - Satanic Black Metal In Hell/Goatcraft Torment - Urgehal

4 - Spill the Blood - Season Of Arrows

5 - IF I WAS GOD - Day of Doom

6 - Chaos Vector - Summoner's Circle

7 - Goat Blood Fetish - Interview featuring Annihilation of a Priest/My Blood is Goat Blood/Cover The Earth in Blood

8 - The Emperor - Pillaging Villagers

9 - Browless Seth / Totally Overrated Sellouts Tribute featuring Thats What I Get (NIN Cover)/SIGNS AROUND US

10 - Last/Dead Souls (Bonus Track)/Right Where It Belongs - Nine Inch Nails

11 - Dark Funeral - Interview 2022 featuring When I'm Gone/Beyond the Grave/Leviathan

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Massive Album Release Show

Live & Streaming Event / April 16, 2022

In celebration of the release of the 7th full-length album "We Are The Apocalypse" on March 18, Dark Funeral to perform a special album release show in on April 16 the following date of the album release date, with special guests Samael and Eleine.

Goat Blood Fetish was formed with a Different lineup in 2014 with the intent to be something different than any of the bands around the Michigan area,

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