New Promo: Sazzad Arefeen (Bangladesh) - Operation AngryMachine - (2022 Global Remaster) - (Instrumental Rock) Monday March 28 2022, 5:56 PM
New Promo: Sazzad Arefeen (Bangladesh) - Operation AngryMachine - (2022 Global Remaster) -  (Instrumental Rock)

Release Date:  March 25, 2022

FFO: Vinnie Moore, Joe Satriani, Andy James

Location: Bangladesh

Streaming Link:

Sazzad Arefeen is the Guitar player from Bangladesh of Ground-Force. He started developing his career since 1994, wrote songs and kept on teaching guitar with his own guitar instructions institutions which is the largest and strongest in Bangladesh called “Guitar Never Lies”. 

Powered by Symphonic Distribution, this new album will be available on more than 200 platforms Worldwide. In association with MDPR.  Here are a few Words from Sazzad Arefeen:

"This Album is very Emotional and special personally for me as it holds the history of Liberation War of Bangladesh. During Writing this album, one thing I realized that if there Was no Bangladesh, there just might not be any Existence of Sazzad Arefeen as a musician Today.  I also Feel like music is still to be heard first, so for this release I concentrated more on the Audio, and Audio Visualizers only, because I want to have listeners who wants to listen what the sound talks first and Feel what I felt during recording all tracks. "

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