Black Altar & Behemoth Members Join OFERMOD! Wednesday March 23 2022, 12:37 PM
Black Altar & Behemoth Members Join OFERMOD!

OFERMOD are proud to present new live members. Shadow (BLACK ALTAR) on bass and Les (BLACK ALTAR, ex BEHEMOTH) on the second guitar. Both are very devoted to the spiritual Evangelium of OFERMOD. You are yet to witness great draconian magic on stage from the band!

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In December 2021 the band has released the very well-received "Mysterium Iniquitatis" album. Ofermod, together with Funeral Mist and Malign, is known to be the originator of the so-called Orthodox Black Metal. They are also totally devoted to the Draconian Path and they are strongly connected to the Dragon Rouge order.

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More info at these links:

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