Streaming Now! Dissonance And Devastation Abounds In Vancouver's CROWN OF MADNESS’ “The Void” Tuesday March 22 2022, 10:18 AM
Streaming Now! Dissonance And Devastation Abounds In Vancouver's CROWN OF MADNESS’ “The Void”

L-R – Connor Gordon – Drums, Sunshine Schneider – Vocals / Guitars
Photographer Credit – Savannah Adeline - Paradox Visuals

Husband and wife duo   Crown of Madness   started during the pandemic, with the intention of creating a melancholy atmosphere by using dissonant guitar chords, with riffs that interweave or “talk to each other”. The drumming is consistently heavy, but tasteful, adding a unique element to the technicality. Their debut EP   “The Void”   is streaming now via its premiere on   EverythingIsNoise   HERE .

“The Void”   is themed around the tragic human condition and experiencing trauma that often leads to growth. Drawing inspiration from the lore of Dark Souls, there are many themes of comparing the light to the darkness and how there is a balance within us all.   “The Void”   is something we all face as human beings; it is the evil in the world that can us take over, such as temptation, violence, and suicide. The band details more about the EP:

“We put a ton of energy and passion into producing this EP by ourselves, making this release an incredible feat for us as producer/musicians and as a couple. It’s amazing to look back on ourselves as teenagers who shared a love for metal, and now being extremely proud of the music we created together. As cliché as this may sound, we want people to love our music as much as we do. Taking on the process to self produce this EP was not an easy decision to make. Due to the overwhelming amount of knowledge a producer/engineer/mixer should know, we often doubted that we could ever achieve great production quality without going into a real studio. But we continued to work consistently, learning something about production day by day that eventually led to our decision to fully produce this EP. We want to continue to learn from this release and hone our skills as musicians and producers so our music can have better and better quality as time goes on.”

The band hopes that people will connect to the emotion and sadness of the music, as well as enjoy the diversity of each song. Beautiful in atmosphere and devastating in emotion,   “The Void”   is recommended for fans of Gorguts, Fallujah, and Black Crown Initiate.

“The Void” is officially being released on March 25, 2022.

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Lyric Video - The Manipulated -  

Visualizer - False God’s Hymn -  

Track Listing:
1. Pale (feat. Claine Lamb) (2:03)
2. Eternal Feeding (2:38)
3. The Manipulated – (4:14)
4. Anguish (feat. Kaija Krimson) (4:31)
5. False God’s Hymn (feat. Claine Lamb) (4:47)
Total Length: 18:13

EP Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Sunshine Schneider, Connor Gordon
• All songs written by: Sunshine Schneider, Connor Gordon
• Produced by: Sunshine Schneider, Connor Gordon
• Mixed by: Connor Gordon
• Mastered by: Stu McKillop
• Album Artwork by: Jois Cabe
• Member of SOCAN
• Canadian Content (MAPL)

EP Line Up:
Sunshine Schneider – Vocals / Guitars
Connor Gordon – Drums
Claine Lamb – Guest Piano
Kaija Krimson – Guest Vocals

Live Band Line Up:
Sunshine Schneider – Vocals / Guitars
Connor Gordon – Drums
Sylvain Maltais – Bass

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